Written by Dearbhla Gavin

On March 20, 2015, UNICEF hosted World Happiness Day at The Lord Mayor’s house. In recent months, UNICEF has been vocal about how important happiness and wellbeing is to and that it is ultimately a human right. There were many distinguished speakers at the event who discussed their pursuit and achievement of happiness in their lives.

“Happiness is a pursuit and a process, not a destination,” performance psychologist Gerry Hussey said. Much like choosing to live a healthier life, it means taking control and steadily making different choices.

Many agree that happiness is a difficult variable to measure; everyone has their own opinions on what it means. It cannot be defined collectively; only individuals can make the commitment to achieving it on their own.

Broadcaster, publisher and creator of the Spark Series, Norah Casey, reaffirmed the “importance of you.” She spoke of how in a world of constant connection, we can still struggle to get ahead. This constant connection doesn’t necessarily translate to productivity. Casey explains that our energy—physical, emotional, mental, are all connected, so it is only when we tap into all three that we will be able to focus and by extension, achieve.

Casey also discussed how crucial it is to businesses to have a “can do” attitude and after 20 years as the owner of Ireland’s largest magazine publisher, Harmonia, she has some authority on the matter!

Dr. Mark Rowe, GP and wellbeing coach, highlighted years of medical research proving that happiness is something that is actually cultivated. There is overwhelming evidence that incorporating a few small habits can give you a more positive outlook. Expressing gratitude, kindness, exercising, nurturing relationships, being present, are all small gestures that can be practiced everyday in pursuit of happiness.

Over the course of the morning, it was fascinating to see the content spread from psychology to medicine to business.

Everyone left incredibly energized, positive and definitely more informed on what can be done to achieve the emotional, mental and physical stability we all long for.

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