Celebration of World Humanitarian Day at the United Nations in New York, Friday, Aug. 19, 2016. (Stuart Ramson/AP Images for United Nations)

On the 4th of January this year, the latest UN International Days were celebrated officially for the first time. World Braille Day celebrates the inclusion of more than 1 billion people with some degree of visual impairment through the reading platform that gives them more chances to thrive.

The World Braille Day is the 161st UN International Day marked on the UN Calendar, and one of the many awareness days that contribute to spread the word about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030.

The history of the UN Days goes decades back, the first being the UN Day, on October 24th, 1948, which was set to celebrate every year the anniversary of the Charter of the United Nations. Since then, the UN has maintained the tradition of reminding the world of and promoting actions for many of its challenges, including Education (January 24th), Women (March 8th), Health (April 7th) and Democracy (September 15th) – all closely related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The topics were typically decided in a General Assembly on proposition from one or more Member States, and their celebrations declared by the Organization’s specialized agencies including UNESCO, UNICEF, FAO or UNHCR, to name but a few, in relation to their mission statement.

Most UN Days celebrate specific historical facts that marked the related social movement and were officialized later. The International Women’s Day, for instance, has gathered more and more supporters throughout history and March 8th rallies around the world remember the early 20th Century feminists’ fight for gender equality (SDG 5). Celebrated on June 20th, the World Refugee Day goes back to the 1951 UN Convention, a few years after the end of WW2. They commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees, resonating with the motto of the Agenda 2030 “Leaving No One Behind”.

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