Countdown: Part 1

Dear Members and internet readers,

We are proud to announce the first edition of the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum 2014 (SIGEF 2014), taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, from October 22nd-24th, at the International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG). How great is that? It seems our new catch phrase could be “Dream, Inspire, Act even harder!” The team is already in full swing, preparing everything ready to make a powerful impact!

SIGEF 2014’s aim is to gather a diverse yet universal collection of international Organizations, Personalities and participants who promote and support solidarity, humanism, constructive technologies and ethics in various disciplines and fields.

But wait – how are we going do this? We will unveil clues regularly, beginning with this:

Over three days, SIGEF 2014 Forums will feature workshops, plenary sessions, open discussions and cultural exchanges involving Organizations, Personalities, students, volunteers and socially responsible corporations who will share their ideas, visions and aspirations in an effort to convert ideas into concrete, meaningful actions. The objective here is to set the path for global actions that provide concrete solutions to challenges humanity faces, and to create social strategies that enhance our society’s ability to act and progress. Simple.

Stay tuned – more (a lot more) to come!


What does it mean for actors, producers, directors and people from the movie industry to Dream, Inspire and Act?

To find out, watch these interviews by our Horyou Team in Cannes.

Director and Producer Mattie Do

Actor Eriq Ebouaney

Rapper Sneazzy

Director and Producer Jean-Marie Teno

Actor Michael Lonsdale

French Actor Noom Diawara

photo credit: Xavier Leone

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