Horyou is enriched by tons of new content every day and it may be a bit overwhelming to find what fits your interests. In order to sort them, you can use our search filter, available on the Explore, My Sphere and Ready to Act pages. Here’s how:

  • Let’s use My Sphere as an example. First, click on the filter button to expand it.

    Filter tool
    ]2 Filter tool

  • You can now choose parameters to fine-tune your search and the kind of content you want to see: Categories (double click on one to access the sublevel. Example: Lifestyle/Fashion)
    Location (can be either a country or a continent)
    Users (Members, Organizations or Personalities)
    Lightbox (You can choose to only show content created by members of your Lightbox)
    The content’s type (News, Actions, Projects)

    Filter tool
    ]3 Filter tool

Multiple combinations are possible; for example, you can choose to select only a category and a country, or a certain type of content and a continent, or just News. When ready, click on “Apply filters.” If you change your mind, you can reset your selection by clicking on “Reset Filters.”

Important: by default, your filtered search will be memorized on the Explore page. To reset your filter, you must expand the toolbar and click on “Reset Filters,” then on “Apply Filters”.

]4 Filter tool

Should you have any questions or suggestions for our next tip, feel free to reach us at support@horyou.com.

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