The invitation tool is our newly launched feature! This tool enables you to invite your friends and contacts to Horyou in just a few clicks. The invitation email contains an informative and easy-to-follow introduction to Horyou and a direct links for your contacts to join the platform. The best part of this new tool is that you can earn Lights once your friends and contacts join! Let us show you how:

  • First, access the invitation tool. invitation1

  • You can then manually add email addresses by typing them (green square). If you copy/paste address from a document (list, csv, spreadsheet …), make sure there is a space or a comma between each address. By default, we suggest a subject and an introduction text (red square) that explain Horyou and invite them to join. You also have the option to type your own text. It’s scientifically proven: By being creative and personalizing your content, more of your (super) friends will join you on the platform and you will gain more Lights! When ready, just click on “Send Invitation(s).” invitation2

  • If you prefer, you can also connect with your email provider (only Gmail and Yahoo are supported at this moment) to directly access your address book. To do so, enter your login details. At this point, your browser may block a popup window, so make sure you unlock it first. As you can see below, you can select all of your contacts or pick them individually. As mentioned, you can use our suggested text or personalize. Please note that we will never share your email address with external parties, and this invitation email will be sent only once to your contacts. When ready, just click on “Send Invitation(s)”.invitation3

Should you encounter any difficulty, please send us a message at

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