Florian Wieser is the founder of the The Relevent Collective AG based in Zurich, Switzerland and Dornbirn, Austria and an expert on perspectives of innovative communication and customer relation topics. At the The Relevent Collective, “We take initiative with the most valuable customers or employees of our clients. We find the right mission, matching contents and stories for the best people or corporations to interact with.” — by ToniMarie Illuzzi

What is the purpose of your company?

The Relevent encourages companies to rethink their communication and organization in a humanized way. We focus on the relationship between companies and their customers or employees.

What inspired you to start the company?

I wanted to start a company from scratch with positive vibes based on corporate DNA among play, atmosphere and excellence while specializing in the most important field for future differentiation for companies. It is a holistic approach to the user experience.

Has it always been a dream for you to work in this field?

Yes, it has been a dream since the beginning of my studies in digital communities 15 years ago. I did a lot of projects in the last years with a community approach in advertising and promotion. Then the search for purpose hit me, so I decided to specialize in humanized communication and initiatives.


What has been your biggest challenge?

To encourage companies to humanize their communication, corporate relationships and organization.

What was the first action that went into the company?

First and foremost, re-thinking our own organization.

The key question is: What are the settings, values and tools used to build a self-learning ecosystem? All of this can be accomplished through a purpose driven company that delivers innovative concepts, encourages consultancy based on experience and by having happy employees and customers.

What kind of social impact has this company had?

The Relevent creates social impact through a purpose driven approach. We practice a very integrative, one-life lifestyle instead of a work-life balance, which is the core challenge that people try to balance. It is similar to a ‘hamster wheel’. I was working on an impactful project dealing with environment. We’ve just started in the electric car industry, which was so exciting for me that I even bought a fully electric car.

We are looking for innovative initiatives that change or transform. I am convinced our generation has the chance to change some things for the good and for the future in living together, working together and reshaping the economy. Some mindsets are more than outdated. It’s time to reframe or like Laurie Anderson said: “Capitalism is a disaster for human relations.” Let’s see.


Who is the most memorable person you’ve met through your company?

I didn’t have the chance to meet him because he died unexpectedly this year: Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse was an honorary professor of organizational psychology at the University of Bremen whom developed the right words to describe what happens in our networked, connected world.

What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened in your line of work?

Ignorance for what is currently happening and no empathy at all for our surroundings.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Being digital. Being entrepreneur. Human Being.

Where do you see the company in five years?

We are a happy team of eleven – rELEVENt – working to satisfy clients daily implementing a humanized approach in communication, corporate relationships and organization. We drive revenue to invest in innovation, have good salaries and stay hungry. We started the global initiative with other teams of eleven in other countries to spread a #humanized approach.

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