By Dearbhla Gavin

On January 9th the second meeting of the Pendulum Summit, a conference on self-empowerment, leadership and success, took place in the Convention Centre, Dublin. I went along on my first mission as part of the Horyou family with some hesitation, I will admit. It has long been the tradition that business is driven by pursuit of “success,” often measured by money and possessions accumulated.

The ethos of Horyou and indeed my own philosophy for some time is that equality and opportunity among all, as well as health and happiness, are the ultimate success. It is this constant conflict of schools that prevents consensus and collective action, two essential components of any functioning society.

Thankfully, as soon as I took my seat and saw the tagline “What is your dream?” beaming from a giant screen across the stage, something told me this wasn’t going to be your average business conference.

It definitely was not. Over the course of the day, a host of speakers took to the stage. International thought leader Keith Ferazzi spoke on the importance of relationships and how, for good or bad, our whole lives are based on connecting with others.

Best-selling author of 80 books and advocate of holistic health and spirituality Deepak Chopra opened us up to the centrality of awareness and consciousness in everyday living and how applying a few basic principles to our thoughts and interactions with others can very definitely change the course of our lives.

His joking opening remarks, “In the next 60 minutes, we will try to solve all of the problems of existence,” were met with a round of applause. I felt his recognition of the complexities that exist was important, and indeed he reinforced the need for rational thinking throughout, possibly reaching out to the many bureaucrats in attendance who weren’t quite convinced of his wisdom just yet.

His words brought the realization that we are in fact made up of connections and infinite possibilities. How these connections are leveraged and applied determines the outcome.

The people and projects I have discovered so far with Horyou have shown me that there is an entire world that can benefit from the practice of a few core things – compassion, courage, solidarity and love.

These among many others are what drive the engine of Horyou to reach out to every corner of the world and showcase the positivity being practiced every day.

The Pendulum Summit showed me that the motivation for change within the Irish community is there; it will be my job to reach out to everybody ready to join the adventure.


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