Being a social entrepreneur requires more than good intentions and resilience. Like any company, social enterprises need planning, a solid business model and cooperative networks. Through initiatives like The Global Good Fund and its support, social entrepreneurs are empowered and have access to tools to develop their businesses and become global leaders, bringing positive changes to the world. Carrie Rich, GGF’s CEO spoke to Horyou Blog and announced that applications are open for the 2018 Fellowship.

Global Good Fund fellows
Global Good Fund fellows

What is the scope of The Global Good Fund’s work?

The Global Good Fund develops social entrepreneurs into impactful global leaders through its Fellowship Program. Each Fellow is paired with a c-suite executive who serves as mentor, and is provided proprietary leadership assessment resources, a network of peers, sector expertise, and targeted financial capital. The result is confident leaders who scale their social enterprises and deliver sustainable positive social impact. We believe growing leaders is the most effective strategy for solving complex social problems and achieving global good. The Global Good Fund is currently seeking social entrepreneurs for its 2018 Fellowship Program -Apply Now.

As a social entrepreneurship supporter and accelerator, what would you say are the biggest challenges to be a social entrepreneur?

The two responsibilities that I focus most on as a social entrepreneur are similar to how a traditional entrepreneur spends her time. I focus on our people internally and growing our revenue model. We are fortunate to have an incredible team of dedicated professionals who consistently go above and beyond to support each other while serving the social entrepreneurs we are privileged to support. That culture does not happen by accident, rather our people are a core component of The Global Good Fund that require attention and nurturing over the long haul. Second, we are committed to growing our earned income so that we are financially viable long term. It’s exciting to find mission aligned methods to sustain our organization in addition to philanthropy.

The Global Good Fund focus in leadership development
The Global Good Fund focus in leadership development

What are the main aspects of a social business you evaluate in order to give it support?

We focus on the leadership development of individuals as the vehicle for growing social businesses. We look for social entrepreneurs who are full-time committed to their work, have enough “ego-strength” to stand by their convictions, and enough humility to be coachable.

Are you committed to the Sustainable Development Goals or do you address some of the SDGs with your projects?

We are not explicit in our commitment to the SDGs. We are philosophically aligned in that several of the social entrepreneurs we support lead enterprises that address the SDGs by focusing on health, poverty alleviation, gender equality, education, energy and water sanitation.

Global Good Fund
Global Good Fund

How do you see the future of social entrepreneurship?

Many of my peers (millennials) aim to work for companies that have strong social values. Others are creating their own businesses when employers don’t meet social enterprise standards. I imagine a rich future wherein social values permeate business culture as millennials assume leadership roles.

On its social platform, Horyou connects thousands of social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and organizations around the world. In your opinion, what’s the importance of social networks for social entrepreneurship and, particularly, for The Global Good Fund’s work?

The Global Good Fund brand and community is largely built on social networks. We thrive as an organization when we connect with partners around the globe who share our commitment to growing high potential young leaders who are using business for social good.

Horyou is the Social Network for Social Good, which connects, supports and promotes social initiatives, entrepreneurs, and citizens who help the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals to build a more harmonious and inclusive world. We invite you to Be the Change, Be Horyou!

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