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This world is the one thing we all have in common! By working together, we can achieve great good things for the future of humanity. Change for social good, however, is an everyday endeavor and it starts with you and us to inspire others around us.

To put this idea into practice, Horyou has decided to set up the #HoryouLightChallenge for all changemakers, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!

As a proponent of the SDGs, our Horyou community believes in the power of positivity and is constantly spreading positive actions and ideas worldwide; and by ensuring international cooperation and inclu- sion, it directly promotes SDG#17.

Be a part of this global partnership and take our #HoryouLightChallenge. All you have to do is choose one SDG, support it with a positive action (see examples below), and share it on Horyou.

Together, we can show the world that every expression of positivity, no matter how big or small, has a great positive impact. Each one of us, in our own way, can be a light within our own community and be- yond. Share your light with the ones around you and the SDGs will be met.

To take the challenge and have a chance to win an all inclusive trip to Singapore and participate in SIGEF18 (or one of our many other prizes*), we invite you to use your creativity and share your social good actions with Horyou.

#HoryouLightChallenge Instructions

  • Create an account on
  • Create your Horyou Light Challenge post (photo, video or text) on the platform with the one SDG that you have selected among the 17 SDG examples. You can also create your own positive challenge and post it!
  • Share your Horyou post via Twitter, Facebook or any other Social Media with the #HoryouLightChallenge hashtag, along with the hashtag of the SDG that you have supported (ex: #SDG7)
  • Invite your friends to light (watch how lights work here) your post on Horyou
  • Try to get the largest number of lights and win a trip to SIGEF18 Singapore!

17 SDGs challenge examples

Make a contribution to a charity of your choice or directly to a person in need
Prepare your favorite dish for someone who can’t afford to have it
Share a healthy food recipe
Educate / share your educational sources on a topic you’re passionate about
Share an inspiring speech from someone defending gender equality
Share the ways in which you can reduce water waste in your community
Tell us about your favorite source of renewable energy and how it supports sustainable development
Share with us how your job or dream job contributes to sustainable economic growth
Tell us which innovative idea you would invest in
Tell us about the most inspiring action you’ve done to help others
Use your bike or public transport to go to work
Share tips on package free/ second hand/ fair trade and ethic shopping
Sort out your waste for recycling
Pick up the trash on your favorite beach/ lake/ river
Plant a tree
Tell us about your favorite figure promoting peace and justice and post one of his/her inspiring quotes
Share your challenge on the Horyou platform and light your favorite posts

Are you up to the challenge? Go ahead, pick your SDG, engage your friends and be a special guest on the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum in Singapore.

Take the challenge!
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All Inclusive (flight + hotel) 3 days Trip to Singapore and a free ticket to participate in the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2018) + T-shirt and Bag
A free ticket to participate in the SIGEF 2018 +100 Spotlights + Ambassador opportunity + T-shirt and Bag
…30 Horyou Bags and T-shirts for the 30 remaining most lighted posts
The challenge will be running until June 18th 2018


In 2016, the Paris Agreement came into force. It was a sign of commitment and hope for a greener future. With our planet facing extreme weather conditions and abrupt climate changes, we must act swiftly!

Photo: UNDP

As I am writing this article, 13,000 people are trapped in Zermatt, a famous Swiss ski resort, due to an unusually extreme snowfall, the Niagara Falls, on the border of the US and Canada, are partially iced up, Singapore is flooded and a drought in Central Spain is alarming both the authorities and population. And the list is all but exhaustive. Year after year, we are facing increasingly extreme weather conditions that affect everybody’s lives, rich or poor.

SDG 13 is about Climate Action and it has everything to do with our countries’ commitment to put into practice the Paris Agreement. Turning it into reality requires political will, but also the involvement of the private sector, as well as organizations and citizens. The 143 countries that ratified the Paris Agreement have to join efforts and develop national adaptation plans in response to climate change. Developed countries will have to inject about USD 100 billion per year to help achieve target by 2020. Disaster risk reduction strategies and climate change adaptation programs still need to be implemented in many countries to help prevent dramatic consequences such as human losses, forced migration and hunger.

Our Horyou community has been fully committed to SDG 13 through either supporting organizations that monitor and promote climate action, or fostering and participating in meaningful debates about that critical topic. Every year, Horyou organizes the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum, a global event that frequently addresses the issue of climate change. SIGEF 2016 was one of the most important COP 22side events in Marrakesh. It hosted many organizations, alongside prominent members of civil society and government officials who highlighted their country’s commitment to climate action.

During SIGEF 2017, in Astana, UN officials, international delegations and private sector experts gathered to assess the most important achievements and urge for more. In 2018, SIGEF will take place in Singapore, and Horyou will take the debate to the next level. More information regarding this fifth edition will be provided shortly!

If you wish to support this SDG, you can do so through Horyou. Go to Horyou platform and choose an NGO or project that helps promote climate action in your region or anywhere in the world. You can also show your support by participating in #HoryouLightChallenge! Be the change, be Horyou!

Depuis dix ans, l’association “Action sociale” soutient des enfants et adolescents, notamment dans les communautés plus vulnérables au Cameroun, en leur offrant un accompagnement psychologique et psychosocial. En 2018, cette organisation active sur notre plate-forme Horyou fête son dixième anniversaire avec des résultats impressionnants – plus de 100 familles d’enfants vivant avec un handicap ont été accompagnés, pendant qu’environ 2000 entretiens psychologiques ont été menés auprès d’enfants et enseignants dans les écoles camerounaises et que plus de 1000 enfants on été sensibilisés contre les maladies sexuellement transmissibles. Horyou a interviewé le président de l’association, Eustache Essouma.


Action Sociale au Cameroun

Pouvez-vous nous présenter brièvement “Action sociale”?

L’association “Action sociale” est née en janvier 2008 du besoin de rendre la communauté accessible à la psychologie. C’est une association à but non lucratif. Ses principales cibles sont les enfants et les mamans adolescentes. “Action sociale” rêve d’une société exempte des maladies chroniques et mentales où les populations sont épanouies et adoptent des comportements positifs et responsables. L’association mène des actions de communication sociale, de prise en charge psychologique ou psychosociale et d’insertion socio-économique dans la communauté par les psychologues, les chercheurs, les consultants, les volontaires, les bénévoles et les membres en vue d’améliorer le bien-être des populations. Sa mission est de lutter contre les maladies chroniques et mentales des populations en organisant des campagnes de mobilisation et de sensibilisation, ainsi que des séances de suivi et d’accompagnement psychologique ; d’épanouir les mamans adolescentes à travers l’insertion socio-économique et de changer positivement les comportements des populations à travers la conception et la production des jeux de société. “Action sociale” intervient aux niveaux de la communication sociale, la santé mentale, la santé communautaire, l’insertion socioéconomique des mamans adolescentes, la formation et la recherche.

Vous éduquez des jeunes sur les sujets sensibles comme le HIV et ses conséquences. Comment aborder ce genre de questions d’une façon effective et délicate en travaillant avec ce public?

Nous utilisons des films et des jeux pour sensibiliser nos cibles. Pour nous l’image et le jeu sont faciles pour une prise de conscience et pour faire passer le message.

Y a-t-il eu une réalisation qui a eu une importance toute particulière pour vous ces dernières années?

Nous avons réussi à créer un jeu de société qui permet de lutter contre les inégalités de genre, de stigmatisation et de discrimination des personnes vivant avec le handicap. En 2018 nous voulons en faire la promotion et le vulgariser.

Enfants jouent avec le jeu de societé

Si vous pouviez partager un message avec l’ensemble des membres de la communauté Horyou, quel serait-il?

Horyou est une plate-forme de communication. Elle est très importante pour les ONG et associations. Nous encourageons tout le monde à se l’approprier.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons
Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons

October is the month of breast cancer awareness. According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women both in the developed and less developed world. However, due to the lack of early detection or resources to treat the disease, 58% of deaths caused by breast cancer occur in poorer countries.

For this reason, many cancer organizations and national health offices join forces to spread the word about the disease. At least one third of cancer causes are preventable – it is the most cost-effective and long-term strategy for the control of cancer. Even with few resources, women can detect lumps, swelling or painful parts or rashes trough self exams. They are all attention signs that should require further exams.

Besides raising awareness and spreading the word about breast cancer prevention, you can support the Pink October Campaign by funding or volunteering in one of the many organizations that support cancer research, alleviation and treatment. Our Horyou community gathers some of them – click on the links and discover more about their work!

You can participate in social events in your city, such as bike rides and runs, which help to bring attention to the cause, or even talk to women in your entourage to be sure they will take care of their health. Act for breast cancer awareness!

Want to help?

Here are some Horyou members who support or are engaged in the cause, and join the campaign.

Fundação Laço Rosa

Keep a breast

Campanha de combate ao câncer de Araçatuba

The Herts Milk Bank


Voluntários reunidos para a realização do Fórum Mundial da Paz
Voluntários reunidos para a realização do Fórum Mundial da Paz

O Fórum Mundial da Paz, evento sem fins lucrativos que tem como objetivo partilhar conhecimentos, iniciativas e ações voltadas à promoção da paz, será realizado pela primeira vez na América. Após ser sediado em centros mundiais como Schengen, em Luxemburgo, Cairo, no Egito e Pearl, na Alemanha, a cidade brasileira de Florianópolis foi a escolhida para receber os mais de 2 mil participantes da edição de 2016.

Essa é a décima edição do evento, que será realizado entre os dias 22 e 25 de setembro no Centro de Eventos Governador Luiz Henrique da Silveira. O tema We Believe – Nós Acreditamos permeará todas as atividades, que contemplarão um dia dedicado à Ecologia (We Believe in Changes, em 23 de setembro), à Humanidade (We Believe in Rights, em 24 de setembro) e no Dia da Educação para a Paz (We Believe in Peace, em 25 de setembro).

“A opção pelo Brasil faz parte de uma estratégia internacional de realizar o fórum nas Américas, porque o conceito da educação para a paz deve ser construído em toda parte e a ideia precisava de um local mais permeável a essa nova cultura”, relata a filósofa Dulce Magalhães, presidente do X Fórum Mundial da Paz. O evento brasileiro é uma parceria entre a Schengen Peace Foundation, realizadora mundial do Fórum da Paz, e à Unipaz, organizadora local do evento, para concentrar diversas ações e mobilizações internacionais a partir do Brasil.

De acordo com a organização, estão confirmadas delegações dos Estados Unidos, Serra Leoa, Jordânia, Espanha, Itália, Romênia, Líbia, Egito, Marrocos, Portugal, Congo, Palestina, Equador e México, formadas principalmente por jovens. No total, o encontro global deve ter representantes de 60 países. “É o momento para conhecer e reconhecer quem mais está buscando um estado pacífico no mundo. É um fórum para partilhar saberes, trocar soluções e experiências. Mais que isso, é uma importante concentração de pessoas unidas para revitalizar o desejo de paz e reacender os interesses e as ações em prol desse objetivo em comum”, detalha a presidente do Fórum.

O Fórum Mundial da Paz precisa de voluntários para atuar no evento – comunicadores, tradutores, recepcionistas e profissionais de segurança, cerimonial e apoio médico. Por princípio, o Fórum não aceita patrocínios ou apoios empresariais.

Múltiplos encontros

O Fórum Mundial da Paz será constituído de três eventos. Além do Fórum propriamente dito, haverá o Festival Mundial da Paz, uma atividade global que reunirá manifestações pela paz feitas por crianças e jovens de 118 países no Dia Internacional da Paz, 21 de setembro, das 11h às 12h. Essas atividades serão transmitidas pela Unity, a rede difusora de comunicação virtual das Nações Unidas.

Haverá um espaço para os jovens no local do evento. O Youth World Peace Forum terá encontros e atividades voltadas a esse público nos dias 23 e 24 de setembro. No dia 23, a programação também contempla uma conexão simultânea de duas horas feita com centenas de jovens dos cinco continentes. Na abertura e no encerramento do Fórum, 22 e 25 de setembro, as atividades serão conjuntas.

A conferência de encerramento será realizada pela ONU. A participação irá culminar com a entrega da Proposta 1% para a Paz, elaborada pela Rede Paz de Buenos Aires. “A ideia é que 1% do orçamento dedicado à segurança e ao combate à violência de cada País seja destinado a ações de educação pela Paz. No ano seguinte, os resultados serão avaliados e se houver melhora, o compromisso é investir 1% a mais. Assim, ao longo dos anos, a intenção é inverter a lógica e investir mais em educação para a paz que em combate à violência”, resume a presidente do X Fórum Mundial da Paz.

As inscrições devem ser feitas pelo site e incluem a participação em todas as atividades, além de oito refeições, ao longo dos quatro dias do evento. Interessados em apresentar projetos ou experiências e em aderir ao Fórum Mundial da Paz como voluntário também podem entrar em contato pelo telefone +55 (48) 3047-7600 ou pelo email:

En 2016, le festival a 16 concerts et plusieurs animations
En 2016, le festival a 16 concerts et plusieurs animations

L’été est la saison de la musique, des arts de rue et des festivals en Europe. Dans le canton de Vaud, en Suisse, L’Association Lombric, à but non lucratif, a crée un événement différent pour la belle saison : depuis 14 ans, le Festival du Lombric porte un regard sensible aux problématiques environnementales et au dynamisme économique de la région.

Dans sa 11ème édition, le Festival est organisé sur le site de Giez par un groupe d’amis. Soucieux de leur environnement mi-campagne, mi-ville, ils ont voulu apporter une animation qui mettrait en lien des acteurs locaux avec des thèmes qu’ils souhaitaient partager. Le festival compte avec la collaboration des bénévoles et avec les dons et prêts de la communauté locale. Les restaurateurs participants sont locaux et même les bières qui sont servies dans le festival sont faites par les brasseurs artisans de la région. La nourriture est majoritairement bio et chacun peut y trouver son compte (vegan, sans lactose, sans gluten…)

Le festival est organisé dans le site de Giez, dans le Nord-Vaudois
Le festival est organisé dans le site de Giez, dans le Nord-Vaudois

Un des fondateurs du festival, Renaud Jaquet, parle de la motivation durable de L’Association: “Nous parlons beaucoup de l’impact de nos activités et projets sur l’environnement de nos jours. Le Lombric rentre de toute évidence dans cet esprit. Toutefois, quand les premiers rêves de nos jeunes motivés ont émergé, la question n’était pas encore d’actualité. C’est plus le besoin de faire un événement durable avec peu de moyens, beaucoup d’envie et de bons principes, qui a fait que le festival a une étiquette écologique et durable”, a-t-il révélé. Cette année, par exemple, les organisateurs font un appel aux participants pour utiliser les transports publics et navettes mis gratuitement à disposition des festivaliers.

Les enfants font des ateliers et balades dans le festival
Les enfants font des ateliers et balades dans le festival

Renaud Jaquet raconte qu’il y a toujours eu un jour réservé aux enfants et à leurs familles. Cela avait lieu le dimanche après le petit déjeuner offert, sachant que le soir même il n’y avait pas de concert. “De plus, le site en bordure de forêt et d’une taille raisonnable, offre une liberté aux enfants de parcourir le site sans danger”.

Le Festival de Lombric a lieu les 12 et 13 août en Giez, Vaud, avec 16 concerts et plusieurs animations, ateliers et balades. Le prix adulte est 10 CHF, mais l’entrée est gratuite le samedi jusqu’à 18h. L’organisation espère entre 600 et 800 personnes. “La fête s’annonce belle et on se réjouit de démarrer cette belle édition”, affirme Renaud Jaquet.

Écrit par Vívian Soares

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