The 5th Sustainable Development Goal concerns nearly half of global population – girls and women are still far from having the same opportunities and privileges as men

Photo: UNDP

Internet and social media are full of hashtags concerning women’s challenges in our society. The most recent one was #metoo, in which women shared their personal stories about harassment. The idea was to prove a grim reality – believe me if you are a man, almost every female on the planet has a sad story to tell about it. If you are a woman, you already know how it feels.

From corporations in the developed world to slums in the poorest countries, we share the same vulnerability. Since we’re born, our gender defines our challenges – we are going to face more difficulties to access education; if we get into the job market, our salaries will be lower; we are more exposed to violence and forced marriages; we have poorer access to health services. Women empowerment is urgent, and we, regardless of gender, should work together to promote it.

We need more representation: according to the UNDP, in 46 countries, women hold 30% or more in national parliament seats. Globally, women’s participation in single or lower houses of national parliaments reached 23.4 percent in 2017, just 10 percentage points higher than in 2000. It’s not enough.

We need more education: in sub-Saharan Africa, Oceania and Western Asia, girls still face barriers to entering both primary and secondary school.

We need equal opportunities: in the corporate world, women are underrepresented in managerial positions. In the majority of the 67 countries with data from 2009 to 2015, fewer than a third of senior- and middle-management positions were held by women.

We need liberty: only half of women in reproductive age make their own decisions about consensual sexual relations and use of contraceptives and health services.

We deserve respect: A fifth of women of reproductive age have suffered physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner in the 12 months prior to the survey, made in 2016.

Association El Khir promotes cooking workshops for women in Morocco

The SDG 5 defends the end of all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere. In 2014, the UN Women launched the campaign He for She, inviting men to join the fight for equal opportunities – since then, the discussion has improved and many debate spaces were opened in media, companies, governments and civil society. Many organizations have been working towards the same goal. The Horyou community has great examples of NGOs and projects that support women and create an empowering environment for them to overcome difficulties and thrive personally and professionally.

One of the active members of our platform is Association Féminine de Bienfaisance El-Khir, based in Morocco, which promotes better life condition for women in the country, supporting their independence by providing them with legal assistance and career opportunities through education.

One of the activities of Fundação Laço Rosa during Pink October

In Brazil, Fundação Laço Rosa, yet another active nonprofit organization in our platform, empowers women with breast cancer, by helping them with self-image issues and to create bonds to overcome the disease.

If you wish to support this SDG, you can do so through Horyou. Go to Horyou platform and choose an NGO or project that helps promote women empowerment in your region or anywhere in the world. Your support can be made easier and more effective with Spotlight, our digital currency for impact. Check it out and start using it to engage in any cause you feel concerned about. Be the change, be Horyou!

Written by Vivian Soares

Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum
Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum

It´s time to innovate! Horyou, the social network for social good, is receiving project applications for the next edition of the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF), a side event during COP 22 in Marrakesh, Morocco, from November 9-11. The call for the Project Awards is addressed to students, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and startups with a deadline set at September 20th.

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria, which include addressing at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and use their best efforts to raise awareness and gain online support for their project. They also need to sign in on the Horyou Platform; registration is free of charge.

SIGEF Horyou

During the SIGEF, an international jury will select 10 finalists who will present their projects on stage to a global audience of entrepreneurs, government officials and decision-makers, as well as the media and civil society. A monetary prize paid in Spotlights, the first social global currency for economic inclusion, will be awarded to the 3 best projects, during a high profile international award ceremony. Selected participants will get free access to the event to gain international visibility and the opportunity to expand their network.

For more information about the SIGEF 2016 Call for Projects, go to this link or send an email to


SIGEF 2016 is the leading side event during COP 22, in Marrakesh, Morocco, from 9-11 November. SIGEF 2016 is organized by Horyou to give visibility to initiatives that contribute to advancing social innovation, global ethics, and social good worldwide, along the lines of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. One of the key components of SIGEF 2016 is the Projects Hub, an area dedicated to socially innovative and ethical projects.

Plenary sessions, workshops, panels as well as cultural activities, networking events and interviews will take place during the 3 days of the event.

Reconstruction d'urgence à Gaza par l'association Medina
Reconstruction d’urgence à Gaza par l’association Medina

Chaque jour, nous découvrons les magnifiques actions de nos Membres, Personnalités et Organisations sur la plateforme Horyou. Ils sont toujours prêts à Agir ! Cette semaine, nous mettons en lumière le travail et les actions de remarquables organisations en France, au Brésil et en Belgique.

Organisation: Association Medina Lieu: France

Projection du film «A Gaza les enfants rêvent aussi »

L’association Medina intervient depuis déjà presque 20 ans auprès des victimes civiles de conflits grâce à des projets dits d’urgence, de post-urgence ou encore de développement. Elle réalise un travail remarquable notamment dans des zônes de conflits comme Alep en Syrie ou dans la bande de Gaza en Palestine. Sur l’initiative de l’Association les Amis de Louis Lecoin, l’association organise le 25 février prochain à Saint Amand Montrand la projection du film « A Gaza les enfants rêvent aussi ». Ce film a été réalisé lors de la dernière mission de l’association dans la bande de Gaza. Une belle occasion de découvrir un peu plus leur travail sur le terrain. Découvrez cette action ici.

Par Laurie Martin

Grupo para estimulação da linguagem para terceira idade
Grupo para estimulação da linguagem para terceira idade

Organização: Associação Terapêutica de Estimulação Auditiva e Linguagem(ATEAL) Localização: Brasil

Grupo de Estimulação de Linguagem para Idosos

Associação Terapêutica de Estimulação Auditiva e Linguagem(ATEAL), é uma associação civil, assistencial e de pesquisa, sem fins econômicos, que conta com a atuação de uma diretoria voluntária. A ATEAL é referência no atendimento para o diagnóstico e reabilitação gratuita e permanente, para uma inclusão familiar, social, educacional e profissional. A ATEAl iniciou no dia 18 de janeiro, um grupo para estimulação da linguagem para terceira idade no setor de Distúrbios de Comunicação. O grupo tem como objetivo melhorar a comunicação de idosos que sofreram AVC e tem dificuldades de linguagem. Para saber mais clique aqui.

Por Edriana Oliveira Major

Premier Repair Café : donner une seconde vie aux objets usagés
Premier Repair Café : donner une seconde vie aux objets usagés

Organisation: Ressourc’âges ASBL Lieu: Belgique

Repair Café

Créée en 2014, l’association belge Ressourc’âges a pour mission de sensibiliser les plus jeunes aux thématiques environnementales et au développement durable à travers des jeux ainsi que des animations et ateliers récup’. L’association organise aussi régulièrement des ventes de produits locaux et a lançé cette année un nouveau concept : le Repair Café. Le premier Repair Café de l’association a eu lien fin janvier. Le but de l’événement est de redonner une seconde vie à des objets usagés pour inciter et sensibiliser la population à limiter leurs déchets. Toutes ces actions ont aussi pour but de rassembler et recréer un lien social entre les habitants. Cette première édition fut un succès et la seconde édition est déjà prévue pour mars ! ☺ Découvrez cette action ici.

Par Laurie Martin


From India to Peru to Cameroon, Horyou brings together organizations, associations and foundations from every corner of the planet. Each of the unique organizations present on the Horyou platform touches upon every aspect of Horyou’s philosophy of taking action toward social good and a sustainable future. Many of the organizations and associations focus their actions on specific fields, such as education, health and environment. Others devote their efforts to development and cooperation, human rights and arts. Today, the Horyou platform includes more than 550 organizations, each sharing ideas and visions, and helping to shape and change the world.

Three inspiring organizations – from Morocco, Switzerland and Benin – truly highlight the diversity among those utilizing the Horyou platform. These organizations are committed to work in development and cooperation, arts and human rights.  

Aideco Tafraout (Morocco):

Aideco Tafraout has been present on the NGO scene for more than 10 years, taking action in the remote villages in the south of Morocco. This organization’s work focuses on assisting and encouraging local village populations to promote and develop sustainability in their hometowns. Aideco Tafraout works toward developing a network of solidarity for sustainable development adapted to the local population. Moreover, a particular focal point for the organization is improving the living conditions of women and girls in remote regions of Anbdour, Imintizght and Ammelen.

AssociationAidecoTafraout Toy delivery at Aideco Tafraout – photo credit: Aideco

Fondation Auer (Switzerland):

In 2009, two art collectors, M&M (Michel and Michèle Auer), created a foundation for photography in Geneva. In 40 years, they have built an amazing collection of more than 21,000 photo books, 500 cameras and an enormous collection of old and contemporary photographs. The foundation’s collections are housed in a modern grey cement building in Hermans. It is here that the Fondation Auer often organizes photo exhibitions and artist retrospectives, such as the upcoming Vernissage on Jan. 22. The man behind the scene is Sylvian Lehmann, who, along with an intern, runs much of the foundation. Horyou had the great pleasure of collaborating with the Fondation Auer for the Les Peuples du Monde photography exhibit held at the 2014 Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2014).

FondationAuer Michel and Michèle, Fondation Auer – photo credit: Tribune de Genève   

Aganer (Benin) :

The Aganer organization, situated in West Africa in the Republic of Benin, aspires to aid and take care of children whose social conditions are difficult and unacceptable due to their lakeside village locations. Aganer focuses on placing children from those lakeside villages in conventional schools to receive a minimal level of education, taking into account every child’s uniqueness and special needs. In addition, Aganer works to educate and raise awareness among the general population on the subject of children’s needs, thus changing the attitude of the public and strengthening accepance of the integration of the village children.    AssociationAGANER Ganvié, one of the lakeside villages in Benin – photo credit: Aganer

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