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UN End Hunger goal is to achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Horyou’s new series is about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Every week, Horyou blog will publish an article about one goal, highlighting projects and actions that have been supporting its implementation.

Children under 5 are one of the most hunger vulnerable groups

One in ten people on our planet is undernourished. In rough numbers, they are 793 million, and one-fifth of them are children under 5 years of age. By contrast, 41 million children under 5 worldwide are affected by overweight and obesity – that’s 6% of children population. The numbers are shocking, yet the situation has improved in the 21st century – efforts to combat hunger and malnutrition have advanced significantly since 2000. Ending hunger, food insecurity for all, however, will require continued and focused efforts, especially in Asia and Africa.

Is there a way to improve both scenarios?

Horyou volunteer serving food at “The Meal”

The answer, according to the UNDP, lies in more investments in agriculture, including government spending and aid. It is in funding small-scale agriculture and sustainable food production systems, as well as making an effort to maintain the genetic diversity of plants and animals, both crucial for agriculture and food production. As of February 2017, 20 percent of local animal breeds were classified as at risk, according to data gathered in 128 countries. It’s all connected – global warming affects crops, animal breeds and food prices -, causing insecurity, civil unrest and wars. In 2016, 21 countries experienced high or moderately high domestic prices, relative to their historic levels, for one or more staple cereal food commodities. Thirteen of those countries were in sub-Saharan Africa. The main causes of high prices were declines in domestic output, currency depreciation, and insecurity.

Some governments have invested in long-term agricultural subsidies programs, according to the UNDP. It’s not enough. We, as a society, can act, either by supporting organizations which foster diverse and sustainable agriculture, participate in educational projects to promote healthy and responsible food consumption or spread the word about reducing waste.

On our Horyou platform, you can support projects like The Meal, which organizes festive and healthy meals for people who can’t afford good food in several countries – the last edition took place in 54 consecutive cities around the world! Or SOS Faim Luxembourg, an NGO which works in African rural areas to promote family farming and microfinance. The Green Bronx Machine, based in the US, uses education and school farming to teach kids about the importance of healthy eating habits and local food systems.

If you wish to support this SDG, you can do so through Horyou. Go to Horyou platform and choose an NGO or project that helps fight hunger in your region or anywhere in the world. Your support can be made easier and more effective with Spotlight, our digital currency for impact. Check it out and start using it to engage in any cause you feel concerned about. Be the change, be Horyou!

Horyou NYC Screening

The Horyou team in New York held a screening Wednesday showcasing three of HoryouTV-produced documentaries. This was the first official event held by the New York team and it was very successful. The featured documentaries were Green Bronx Machine, ASCOVIME and Hip Hop Saves Lives.

Lizette Ritz, co-founder of Green Bronx Machine, was at the screening and spoke a bit on their steps for the future. She mentioned that this year they will begin to incorporate juicing fruits and vegetables made by the students. Green Bronx Machine was recently announced as the winner of the 2015 TEDxManhattan Award, allowing the founder, Stephen Ritz, the opportunity to speak about his plans for the future of the organization. The Green Bronx Machine documentary can be viewed here!

Chad Harper, founder and CEO of Hip Hop Saves Lives, along with Johwell St-Cilien Vision, co-founder of Negus World, were also in attendance. They discussed the future of their organizations and how they have begun to work together at schools in the Bronx. In the coming months, Hip Hop Saves Lives and Negus World will have its own red carpet event for the students that participated in the program. Here is where students will get the opportunity to see what their classmates have created, both lyrically and on screen. You can watch the Hip Hop Saves Lives documentary here!

These are just three of the phenomenal organizations featured at the screening. Horyou New York looks forward to the next one on March 25! Horyou NYC


This week in France, Social Good Week took place and was dedicated to the numerous and diverse digital-solution-driven initiatives that positively affect societies – a full week to discover the initiatives revolving social media and solidarity. And of course, Horyou, the Social Network for Social Good, was a part of it!

For this event, we organized, at our Parisian office, a screening of four documentaries featuring member Organizations of our social network from Cameroon, the United-States, Morocco and France to present to the public. Have you ever heard about the Green Bronx Machine and its urban farming project? Did you know about Sans_A and its work with “bringing visibility to homeless people” initiatives? Well, don’t worry! You can discover these great organizations online, on Horyou and Youtube.

We were happy to see that many people were in attendance. We were even happier to know that around 30 events were organized in France and more than 260 worldwide. These events highlighted the growing role of the digital world and promoted the celebration of social good. The next day, our team was invited to the French presidential palace, as a Social Good Week partner, to discuss the role of innovators, organizations and startup companies, interested in bringing social progress and sustainability to societies. Among them, American economist Jeremy Rifkin spoke about his view on the digital technology revolution. He stressed that it is creating a sharing economy where every citizen has the power to do good.

Palais de l'Elysée
]6 Palais de l’Elysée

We also had the pleasure to listen to a speech by Aaron Sherinian, VP of communications and public relations at the U.N. Foundation, one of our media partners for SIGEF 2014. He said: “Technology is a tool that will help people to do good on a daily basis, reshaping philanthropy and creating a new world of engagement.” Well said, Mr. Sherinian! We fully agree with you, and this is why Horyou strives to bring visibility to the citizens of the world who decide to act at the service of their community. Because, as Mr Sherinian said, “challenges are great, but opportunities are greater!” And speaking of opportunities, French President François Hollande officially announced the launch of an international summit dedicated to Social Good 2.0 (“web social et solidaire”). Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

And when we have a look at all the projects Horyou’s users are realizing, we are more convinced than ever that Horyou, as a facilitator, has an important role to play in this positive human evolution.

To know more about our screening event, check the article on the Social Good Week website (in French).

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