En 2016, le festival a 16 concerts et plusieurs animations
En 2016, le festival a 16 concerts et plusieurs animations

L’été est la saison de la musique, des arts de rue et des festivals en Europe. Dans le canton de Vaud, en Suisse, L’Association Lombric, à but non lucratif, a crée un événement différent pour la belle saison : depuis 14 ans, le Festival du Lombric porte un regard sensible aux problématiques environnementales et au dynamisme économique de la région.

Dans sa 11ème édition, le Festival est organisé sur le site de Giez par un groupe d’amis. Soucieux de leur environnement mi-campagne, mi-ville, ils ont voulu apporter une animation qui mettrait en lien des acteurs locaux avec des thèmes qu’ils souhaitaient partager. Le festival compte avec la collaboration des bénévoles et avec les dons et prêts de la communauté locale. Les restaurateurs participants sont locaux et même les bières qui sont servies dans le festival sont faites par les brasseurs artisans de la région. La nourriture est majoritairement bio et chacun peut y trouver son compte (vegan, sans lactose, sans gluten…)

Le festival est organisé dans le site de Giez, dans le Nord-Vaudois
Le festival est organisé dans le site de Giez, dans le Nord-Vaudois

Un des fondateurs du festival, Renaud Jaquet, parle de la motivation durable de L’Association: “Nous parlons beaucoup de l’impact de nos activités et projets sur l’environnement de nos jours. Le Lombric rentre de toute évidence dans cet esprit. Toutefois, quand les premiers rêves de nos jeunes motivés ont émergé, la question n’était pas encore d’actualité. C’est plus le besoin de faire un événement durable avec peu de moyens, beaucoup d’envie et de bons principes, qui a fait que le festival a une étiquette écologique et durable”, a-t-il révélé. Cette année, par exemple, les organisateurs font un appel aux participants pour utiliser les transports publics et navettes mis gratuitement à disposition des festivaliers.

Les enfants font des ateliers et balades dans le festival
Les enfants font des ateliers et balades dans le festival

Renaud Jaquet raconte qu’il y a toujours eu un jour réservé aux enfants et à leurs familles. Cela avait lieu le dimanche après le petit déjeuner offert, sachant que le soir même il n’y avait pas de concert. “De plus, le site en bordure de forêt et d’une taille raisonnable, offre une liberté aux enfants de parcourir le site sans danger”.

Le Festival de Lombric a lieu les 12 et 13 août en Giez, Vaud, avec 16 concerts et plusieurs animations, ateliers et balades. Le prix adulte est 10 CHF, mais l’entrée est gratuite le samedi jusqu’à 18h. L’organisation espère entre 600 et 800 personnes. “La fête s’annonce belle et on se réjouit de démarrer cette belle édition”, affirme Renaud Jaquet.

Écrit par Vívian Soares


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The weekend 19th to the 20th of September in Geneva marked the yearly Alternatiba Léman Festival which was centered on the theme of promoting local initiatives for climate change and the art of positively living together. The Festival hosted conferences and debates, as well as food and clothing stands, music, movie projections and local food products. It took place on the sunny Plaine de Plainpalais, a prominent square within the city of Geneva, with events also held at the house of associations and the communal hall of the Plainpalais neighborhood.

The Festival gathered around 500 people in support of local farmers, local merchants and helpful sustainable living in Geneva and the surrounding areas. It was a true embodiment of local actions for climate and the joys of connecting for a positive lifestyle. Horyou collaborated with the association and supported its “The Meal” initiative, a lunch cooked with locally produced agricultural products, with the idea to gather a large number of people from across the world to share a Meal in support of farmers and their plea for food sovereignty and access to resources, soil, water and seeds.


“The Meal” was held simultaneously in about 20 other locations worldwide, with the same goal of promoting consumption of local products. In Geneva, it delighted 200 people on the Plaine and consisted of long tables filled with fresh tomatoes, salads, gazpachos, fresh fruits and vegetables, sauces and pasta.

“The Meal”, a truly unifying power in its ideals and encouragement throughout the world, was thus the occasion for all participants to get together, share thoughts and build solidarity within their communities, on the spot, as well as via Skype conversations. Geneva connected with Mali – led by Aminata Touré -, Morocco – led by Nicole Jeffroy -, Nepal – led by Jagat Basnet -, and Pakistan – led by a young university student called Irene Farkhanda -, to mention but a few locations.

Proceeds from “The Meal” went to various nonprofits in Geneva and in Benin, as the Festival had a dedicated area for local nonprofits and various organizations. Horyou had a stand as well, and so did some of the organizations on the Horyou platform, such as One Action and Voix Libres. The event went on through Sunday with even more participants and visitors. We look forward to seeing bigger local agricultural food tables, and more Meals shared in more locations across the world at next year’s festival.

By Amma Aburam

BlogStock 2015 is the World’s first and only blogging festival! Located in Elstree, London, the festival will feature workshops and talks devoted to blogs in this new digital age. They’ve secured over 25 speakers for the festival and more to come! The purpose of BlogStock is to have a place for pioneering new bloggers, experienced bloggers, YouTubers of all kinds and topics to meet others and learn more about the blogging community!

Some speakers include Julie Falconer, an UK based travel blogger, Kevin May from Tnooz.com, which focuses on distribution, marketing, systems, devices, startups, social media and commerce in the travel sector, Diana Isac from Winerist, and the travel blog Live Share Travel hosted by Sarah & Terry.

BlogStock BlogStock is a unique festival offering ample space for camping which is not typical for a conference, but that is what make BlogStock stand out from the rest. With extra activities and entertainment including opening and closing parties, BlogStock will continue to be one of a kind!

Horyou is happy to announce its community partnership with BlogStock. Horyou is also making it a little easier for attendees with discount codes! Use “SIGEF” or “HORYOU” where promotional code is applicable and receive a discounted ticket! With the purchase of a ticket you have access to all sessions, workshops, talks, debates and discussions. Be sure to purchase your tickets now before they sell out!

Learn more about BlogStock:


Grilling La Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, is an annual music festival that takes place all over the world. Its 24th edition took place in Geneva June 19-21 for three days of enjoying great music, international food and meeting friends under the sun. From classical to electronic music, stages were set up all over the city. It is one of the best festivals in Geneva, and the city ensures that the event is held to the highest standard.

The laid-back celebration also offered an opportunity for non-profit organizations to raise funding for their causes. After a call for volunteers from Francisco Etchepareborda, vice president of children’s rights group Niños de Argentina, a pair of Horyou team members stepped up. Initially, the duo signed up for one day, but with the energetic atmosphere and fantastic people, they wound up spending the whole weekend with Niños de Argentina. Other NGO members of the Horyou community were present, such as One Action. Its director, Jan Isler, was working nonstop with his team at a nearby stand. One Action

The festival is a great opportunity for fundraising for the associations, and in the case of Niños de Argentina, it is one of two events that raises funding for its projects. The second is a barbecue for Argentina’s independence day on May 25. The funds are for humanitarian, cultural and community projects with the focus on disadvantaged children. The group supplies food, school supplies and clothes for the children, and promotes Swiss-Argentinean culture. Tomatoes

Thank you to the team of Niños de Argentina for the great experience and making our team members feel like part of the family.

Written by Noof Al-Shammary

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