If you read the blog post about it, you’re aware that the Horyou Team was about to take part in “The Meal.” This very concrete initiative had several goals. On a local scale, it allowed the different organizations to meet and exchange ideas. A was kind of a cocktail party for non-profits with a real coherence. The event occurred in 54 cities the same day.

Michel Baumann is the founder of this initiative, and the Horyou Team Geneva had the opportunity to meet him while volunteering at the event. What a guy! “Thanks Life” was his favorite phrase when it came to speak about the happy coincidence of his meeting us. An interview of Mr. Baumann will be available online soon – stay tuned.

The Horyou Team volunteered from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it was a great pleasure to build our team that way. Meeting all those various local organizations in person, instead of speaking only through email or by phone, was also refreshing.

In Yaoundé, our dear Blaise-Pascal Tanguy took over the participation of Horyou and recruited several members of the Cameroon contingent. In Paris, several members of our team participated as well. The common impression about the event was that it was truly interesting It comprised making lot of contacts and many talks, and it provided a better understanding of who’s doing what and where.

This is reflected on the Horyou platform, which familiarizes understanding of the non-profit sector and facilitates contact between non-profits.

Next step for Horyou Team: SIGEF 2014. Can’t wait!


The Meal



















Breaking News!

The Horyou Team is happy to announce that the final deadline for “Call for Projects” is October 10, 2014. Spread the word! We welcome all social entrepreneurs with positive projects to participate.

If you are interested, register your project at Horyou and apply online at: SIGEF 2014 Projects

Once the application is complete, share your project with your friends, family, supporters and the whole world.

Two awards will be granted:

  • Prix du Public will be chosen by SIGEF 2014 attendees and participants. The selected project will receive CHF 8,000.
  • Coup d’Coeur will be chosen by the SIGEF 2014 organizing team. The selected project will receive CHF 2,500.

Let us know if you have any questions. See you at SIGEF 2014!

Cheers. The Horyou Team

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