Congo Chance

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Congo Chance Congo Chance is an active non-governmental organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo supporting abandoned and orphaned children. Its mission is to further their integration into society.

Abandoned children are those whose parents cannot care for them; most of these children grow up on the streets. Orphaned children are those whose parents may have passed on or are in prison. Congo Chance tries to communicate with these children, find out why and how they ended up either on the streets or in an orphanage. They also try to visit the children’s families and figure out how they can help and get the family exactly what they need to take care of their children.

Kudiya Diengani, her sister Kamona and some of her friends helped start this organization in 2012. Its main source of funding is from volunteers, but it also has a paid-membership option. Kudiya, Kamona and their friends also donate whatever time and money they can in order to support the organization.

Congo Chance has a shelter where there are 5 people who look after the children in the orphanage. The organization works with the government to give these children some sort of internship so they can learn how to work.

Unfortunately, in 2014, it was unable to raise enough money to send those orphaned and abandoned children to school. Regardless, Congo Chance continued to work closely with them, getting them involved in sports and other outdoor activities. School children playing This year Congo Chance will focus on integrating single mothers into the labor market and becoming a subject of their own creation. The project will include qualified mothers, professionals or unemployed with a degree, and non-qualified mothers, those without degrees, to engage in agricultural development in their area. These women will focus mainly on agriculture, learning how to farm, grow and live off their work. “Then we will work together on how to sell it, and how to organize together to get a return from this project,” Kudiya said.

Those single mothers without higher education will get help from Congo Chance to get some sort of internship so that they can learn how to work. The group will also be incorporating journalists this year to work with children teaching them English, as well as how to use Microsoft Word and Excel.

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