By Vincent Magnenat

The Horyou Team will take part in an international event called “The Meal” that will take place in more than 54 cities around the globe, thus “glocal.” The concept is simple: to share a meal at the same time, and to meet and exchange ideas on the concept of food sovereignty.

A further goal is to create an international network among cities of very different sizes to support the global action, which was organized by the Barcelona Consensus. At least 20% of the funds raised will be donated by the local organizers to this international action.

All of the raised funds go to local actions connected with the theme that was approved by the participants of the previous edition of the event. Every local organization votes on the actions they want to support and the percentage of the donation. All the actions must be accepted in advance by The Meal’s ethics council.

Given the relevancy of the cause, the Horyou Team decided to join and become a partner with The Meal with some local organizations in Geneva such as Le Bateau, Gloriamundi, Classique Alternances and Bourgeonnement Urbain. Additionally, Lucas Luisoni, one of our speakers at SIGEF 2014, will be there.

We are looking forward to this occasion to meet people and share our visions.


What does it mean for actors, producers, directors and people from the movie industry to Dream, Inspire and Act?

To find out, watch these interviews by our Horyou Team in Cannes.

Director and Producer Mattie Do

Actor Eriq Ebouaney

Rapper Sneazzy

Director and Producer Jean-Marie Teno

Actor Michael Lonsdale

French Actor Noom Diawara

photo credit: Xavier Leone


Our team is present at the Cannes Festival 2014!

The Horyou Media Team is organizing interviews with Personalities from the Cinema World. Dream Inspire Act – What does this mean for Actors, Producers, Directors and the people from the amazing world of movies? Furthermore, what are the causes they care about? Yes, we are in Cannes finding the people from the Cinema who are leading the path to solidarity through actions. You will know soon since we are hosting these interviews at the Grand Hotel.

Here you can see JC and Cintia, Léon and, of course, the latest billboard for the Cannes Festival 2014. We are very excited to share our vision and platform during the festival, while at the same time we are looking forward to meeting incredible people from all over the world. The Action-oriented social network is here to tell the stories!

Keep you posted! Leon-Cintia JC-Cintia Palais photos credit: Xavier Leone


Horyou is sponsoring the “Laugh Out Proud 2014 Tour”!

The goal of the project is to educate people about the LGBT community through laughter in a good atmosphere; 4 days of stand-up comedy shows for the equality of rights.

The project starts on May 14 in Belgrade, Serbia, followed by Rijeka and Poreč in Croatia, and ends in Zagreb in that country on May 17, during celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Horyou is proud to be funding this project. Sarah Lemaire will be representing Horyou during these four days.

Stay tuned, there is more to come!

In the meantime, this is a sneak peak of the first show in Belgrade …


The world is full of inspiring people … but also of events at which these amazing people gather! The OuiShare Fest is one of them and we had to pleasure to attend this year’s edition. Trying to summarize these 3 days is almost impossible; we can only say a big thank you to the whole team for the hard work done and the amazing organization (special mention for the food!).

We had the pleasure to meet very interesting and nice attendees and highly recommend that you get in touch with them and/or take a look at what they’re doing. The world will most certainly become a better place to live in, thanks to people like them! We hope to welcome them on Horyou very soon. 🙂

And many many more … Check out the full list on the OuiShare Fest website

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