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Countdown: Part 3

Dear Members of Horyou,

Firstly, please allow the Horyou team to congratulate Association Nahda Pour La Citoyenneté et Le Développement for reaching 1,000 Lights in the past month!

Lights enable you to interact, connect and share with the Horyou community – all with one click. We are immensely proud and grateful to all the Foundations, Organizations, Personalities and sponsors for contributing to the growth of Horyou and the community of internet users set on a path to a more humane world.

With days quickly passing by, the Horyou team is working hard to bring you the first edition of the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2014), which will take place in October at the global center of peacekeeping – Geneva. We cannot stress our excitement about the forum enough! SIGEF 2014 is set to bring together a collective group of Personalities, speakers, and Organizations who champion solidarity, ethics and the service of humanity. In addition, any Organization, foundation or an individual can join and contribute to SIGEF 2014.

The requirements to participate at the forum are simple. You need a profile on Horyou in which you frequently engage with other Members, Personalities and Organizations. Organizations that wish to participate have to have earned 1,000 Lights on their Horyou page. Additionally, for those that will be arriving at SIGEF 2014 from outside of Geneva, we have reserved over 250 affordable accommodations for NGO participants.

There is more to come, so stay connected for news and updates. Together we can work in solidarity toward prosperity.

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