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Horyou gathers over 800 nonprofit organizations on its platform. They are from 50+ countries and embody the beauty of diversity of social good. This global community that connects for good consists of like-minded individuals and institutions advocating social good. They also share ideas, projects and meaningful experiences. For some of the NGOs, Horyou serves as their main communication channel whenever they do not have the capacity to manage their own website – Horyou represents the ideal online social platform where they can share their work.


It’s important to comment, light and share online news, ideas, visions and experiences, but nothing beats real life interaction and, even better, nothing beats a real life interaction preceded by an online exchange. This is the reason why our Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF) aims to facilitate the interaction online and offline among these organizations at an international level – being Geneva the perfect placed for hosting these organizations. SIGEF’s goal is to gather in Geneva more than 50 organizations from diverse locations and backgrounds that are active on the platform. These nonprofits are at the core of what we at Horyou embody, which is why SIGEF is granting them a dedicated area where they can interact and share with each other as well as with the Forum’s participants and attendees, and thus offering them a unique opportunity to put forth their work and actions in an international forum.


Additionally, they will be interviewed and aired on the Horyou TV YouTube channel, and also have the opportunity to present on stage what they advocate. Ultimately, the connections that these organizations will establish and create during SIGEF are invaluable.

SIGEF 2014 facilitated real connections and allowed some real partnerships to flourish, and we’re all eager to see what the 2015 edition will bring. Our most enthusiastic and most actively involved organizations on the platform are currently receiving their invitations to attend. Below are a few of the ones you can expect to meet this year. Discover their Horyou profiles and find more information about them and the forum on the SIGEF 2015 website.

Action Enfance Association Humanitaire Enfants d’Ongandi Association pour la promotion des bibliothèques rurales (ASPROBIR) Brasil in Move Etre Afrique Fondation Moi pour Toit La Vie Nomade MOCICA On passe à l’acte Pont Universel Saek Thmey International Sholutions Social Business Models Tourism for Help Fondation Kemi Malaika Movement France Educapeace

Stay tuned for a new post with more organizations that will be attending.

By Amma Aburam

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