Each day we see the wonderful work of our Members, Personalities and Organizations on the Horyou platform. They are always Ready to Act! This week, we highlight the work and actions of great Organizations from Cameroon and Switzerland.

by Amma Aburam

1) Bringing “insects” to the Swiss Food market

Association: GRIMIAM
Location: Switzerland

The Association GRIMIAM has a unique and valuable mission for the future of a more sustainable planet and sustainable food practices. Its main action is to create awareness and legalize the consumption of insects, starting in Switzerland. Increased world population means greater pressure on the environment, increased use of land and higher demands of nutrients and non-renewable energy. Innovative production solutions are needed. Insect raising systems do not require a lot of land, insects are rich in high quality protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, to name a few advantages. The Association’s next action is to defeat the “yuck” factor we have been brought up with in the West towards insect consumption.

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2) Don de Fournitures Scolaires

Association: Travailler pour la dignité des personnes a mobilité réduite
Lieu: Douala, Cameroun

L’association Travailler pour la Dignité des personnes à mobilité réduite au Cameroun organise dans le but de leurs objectifs éducatifs un don de fournitures scolaires afin de promouvoir et rendre possible l’éducation dans leur communauté. L’association est composée d’un groupe d’artistes handicapés, des individus exemplaires qui prouvent qu’un handicap n’empêche pas de donner de soi aux autres, que cela peut devenir un encouragement et une inspiration autour de soi. Ils contribuent à la communauté avec ce type de petites actions qui ont un impact positif sur la vie quotidienne au sein de Douala.

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