Horyou has gone mobile with its new app.
Users around the world can now connect for good and share their own experiences, ideas and actions anywhere.


New York, August 12 — Horyou, the Social Network for Social Good, is thrilled to unveil its new mobile application. Released in July 2015 and available to all members, the free iOS and Android app is a streamlined version of the Horyou online platform designed to increase its accessibility among users on the go.
After the successful release of the Horyou social network, this mobile version offers many more people the opportunity to interact and experience social good in real time. This release marks the next step in the evolution of Horyou.
Accessibility supporting diversity is key in today’s world. The idea of having a quick and simplified app where members can positively communicate their news and actions on the go is a step forward to the strengthening of social good everywhere.
Founder and CEO Yonathan Parienti


The app provides users with a variety of features for sharing and connecting people for good anywhere, as well as promoting and rallying support for their causes.
The Horyou app enables you to:
– Access a wealth of positive daily user content.
– Post your own in the form of news and actions.
– Experience how positivity is shaping the world.
– Inspire others by sharing content, activities and ideas.
– Follow users, organizations and personalities.
– Keep track of all the members you follow in My Sphere.
– See social good in action via the Horyou TV documentaries.


A digital timeline of positive news and actions is the central feature of the Horyou app. As with the desktop platform, news can be anything from journalistic stories to ideas and life experiences. Users present their actions to raise awareness about their causes as well as draw support for them. In Horyou’s desktop and mobile versions, members can show support and make connections by adding Lights to any content or fellow users.

In the following months, Horyou will upgrade the mobile app to provide the best experience for its members to connect for good in real time. This will highlight and sustain global campaigns promoting social good worldwide.


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