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Bilan Sep 20, 2019
Fintech: avenir de l’écosystème lémanique?
Bilan Nov 26, 2019
La fintech lémanique s’expose à l’international
valuepress Oct 7, 2019
Pasera’s first inbound business “Samurai Rock Restaurant” will perform at the “SIGEF2019” forum!
Business Journal Sep 20, 2019
Hidehito Umechi “Important transparency and monotonicity of blockchain”… Lecture on the theme of sustainable development
arriyadiya Sep 19, 2019
Alhilal is the best club in the world «Sports for good»
Slaati Sep 19, 2019
Al-Hilal wins the Sports for Good Awards
Almowaten Sep 13, 2019
Social Responsibility
Yahoo Finance Sep 13, 2019
SIGEF2019 in Tokyo to Shape a Smarter Future
Cryptodaily Jul 24, 2019
Blockchain, Tokenization and a Social Network for Social Good
Criptopasión Jul 24, 2019
Blockchain, Tokenización y na Red Social para el Bien Social May 28, 2019
Blockchain na Welconomy Forum w Toruniu – relacja
Yahoo Finance Apr 28, 2019
Blockchain For Good, Alive and Kicking at the UNESCO Blockchain Practices and Perspectives Conference
Cryptodaily May 7, 2019
Blockchain for Good Is Good…And It’s There
MadTalks Apr 2, 2019
Yonathan Parienti – Full Interview
Dirigentes Digital Mar 25, 2019
Todo listo para Startup Olé, el encuentro de referencia para los emprendedores
The Sociable Mar 19, 2019
Tech solutions to humanitarian crises from Davos to Salamanca
AGEFI Feb 7, 2019
Horyou lance son premier utility token social
AGEFI Feb 6, 2019
Horyou lance son premier utility token pro-social
CryptoFriends Dec 7, 2018
McAfee, Matonis, Hoskinson and other specialists name 3 favorite tokens
Yahoo Finance Jun 8, 2018
Horyou ‘Blockchain With a Purpose’: A Token for Inclusion and Sustainability
etradewire Mar 23, 2018
Horyou Presents Financing Alternatives for Social Good during WSIS 2018
the-daily-telescope Feb 7, 2018
We Are Only at the Beginning of the Blockchain – Yonathan Parienti
the-daily-telescope Dec 21, 2017
Horyou Launches #HoryouLightChallenge to Promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Bloomberg-quint Nov 29, 2017
Putting A Spotlight On The Art Of Giving
Kyodo-news Nov 27, 2017
Horyou Revolutionizes Philanthropy at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit
The-Astana-Times Sep 7, 2017
In Astana, SIGEF participants discussed the development of cities
The-Astana-Times Sep 7, 2017
International audience gathers in Astana to advance sustainable development goals
nice_transition May 12, 2017
Horyou, le Réseau Social pour un Monde Meilleur!
bilan_luxe Nov 11, 2016
Portrait Idealistes
cop22-news Oct 21, 2016
Technological, Social and Environmental Development – Why We Should All Connect for Good
almaty Oct 20, 2016
65 percent of foreign investors and entrepreneurs choose Almaty
almaty Oct 19, 2016
Innovation Sociale: Le SIGEF s’invite à Marrakech
ecofin Oct 12, 2016
Maroc : le réseau social Horyou présentera son Forum de l’Innovation Sociale et de l’Éthique Globale dans le cadre de la COP 22
newtimes Sept 28, 2016
Horyou-proof that social good is possible
albayane Sept 5, 2016
Horyou abre Convocatória Global para projetos socialmente inovadores
albayane April 12, 2016
Yonathan Parienti : «Le Spotlight pour une circulation plus équitable du capital»
agence-ecofin April 1, 2016
Le réseau social Horyou lance une monnaie sociale pour financer les projets
TDG March 23, 2016
Une monnaie sociale mondiale a été lancée
le-matin March 23, 2016
Une monnaie sociale mondiale a été lancée
24-heures March 23, 2016
Une monnaie sociale mondiale a été lancée
AGEFI March 10, 2016
Horyou veut lever 15 millions et obtenir sa cotation en 2019
new scientist March 7, 2016
A social network built for donating aims to fix slacktivism
diario abierto March 1, 2016
Nace Spotlight, la primera moneda de las redes sociales
agefi February 26, 2016
La première monnaie sociale online mondiale est genevoise
huff impact February 22, 2016
How Social Media Campaigns Like #GreatDoingGood Jumpstart Social Action
cbnews February 22, 2016
Horyou veut monétiser les réseaux sociaux avec Spotlight
lesgoodnews January 11, 2016
Horyou, le côté lumineux du réseau social
i24-News December, 7th 2015
Horyou, un réseau social unique en son genre ! (min 5.20)
irish-tech-news November, 15th 2015
SIGEF 2015, Shaping Better Times to Come, Concludes with a Global Call to Action
logo-Alliance-Magazine November, 12th 2015
SIGEF 2015 – innovative ideas and a global call to take action
logo-Le-News October, 29th 2015
From banker to humanist – is this the new face of philanthropy?
logo-Le-Temps October, 26th 2015
Un forum pour façonner un monde meilleur
logo-innov8social October, 8th 2015
Interview with Yonathan Parienti, CEO of Horyou, a Switzerland-based Social Network for Social Good
logo-Tais Gadea Lara September, 21st 2015
Horyou: the social network for social good
logo-huffpost September, 13th 2015
Social Innovation Goes to the Global Prom
logo-Rostigraben August, 26th 2015
Horyou, le réseau social plus éclairé des ONG
logo-Forbes August, 17th 2015
Social Innovation Goes to the Global Prom
logo-huffpost August, 13th 2015
“Connect for Good” : Un réseau social porteur de sens
irish-tech-news July, 16th 2015
Horyou, the Social Network for Social Good, interview with Yonathan Parienti founder and CEO
logo-Le-Temps June, 30th 2015
Yonathan Parienti, de la banque à la solidarité
logo-Le-Temps June, 16th 2015
Horyou, le réseau social qui parie sur la positivité
logo-illusion June, 7th 2015
10 Social Good Projects that are changing the world (via Horyou)
logo-DocsDf June 2015
«Dream, Inspire, Act» Looking for the Communal Well
logo-mosaiques June, 2015
Horyou installe le social sur la Croisette
logo-phoenix-tv May, 26th 2015
logo-huffpost May, 25th 2015
A Gala Night at Cannes: 3-Star Michelin Chef and Contemporary Art Auction at the Saint George Villa
logo-xineurope May, 25th 2015
logo-zango May, 22nd 2015
Horyou, réseau social alternatif
logo-sina May, 22nd 2015
logo-elfan May, 21st 2015
El Fan
logo-france-inter May, 21st 2015
Horyou, le réseau social qui s’offre la croisette
logo-instituto-filantropia May, 20th 2015
Horyou Village dá boas-vindas aos parceiros internacionais culturais e de mídia, em Cannes
logo-charity-china May, 19th 2015
logo-direct-matin May, 18th 2015
Yonathan Parienti installe “Horyou” sur la Croisette
logo-my-green-pod May, 18th 2015
Horyou promotes ‘Connecting for Good’ at Cannes Festival
logo-le-mouv May, 18th 2015
What is Horyou?
logo-neoplanete May, 18th 2015
logo-nunnovation May, 17th 2015
Horyou Cannes Social Good Festival
logo-webmag May, 15th 2015
Festival de Cannes : tous les événements sur le village Horyou !
logo-intime May, 15th 2015
Horyou Village porta il Social Good al Festival di Cannes
logo-mommy May, 14th 2015
Social Good Village opens at Cannes Film Festival
logo-seresponsable May, 13th 2015
Las causas sociales se unen al @festival_cannes gracias a la @Horyou Village
logo-economia May, 13th 2015
El Festival DocsDF llevará cortometrajes mexicanos a Cannes
logo-igihe May, 12th 2015
Horyou yateguye iserukiramuco ryo kuzamura imibereho ya Sosiyete
logo-beeby May, 12th 2015
Beeby Clark+Meyler Partners With Horyou Village at Cannes
logo-humanosphere May, 8th 2015
Horyou? Oui, c’est un réseau entièrement dévoué au Social Good!
logo-blogdecannes May, 5th 2015
Festival de Cannes: le Village Horyou s’installe au Grand Hotel
logo-topi May, 4th 2015
Topi Connects With Horyou— the Social Network for Social Good
logo-paris818 May, 4th 2015
logo-rivieira May, 1st 2015
Les Immanquables du Festival de Cannes 2015
logo-webmag May 2015
Festival de Cannes 2015: Le premier jour…
logo-franceqw April, 15th 2015
Franceqw Article
logo-techcentral February, 20th 2015
Interview: Yonathan Parienti, CEO of Horyou (16 min)
logo-hototopics February, 20th 2015
How this social network for good wants to make the world a better place
logo-reporterre February, 18th 2015
Pourquoi un réseau social solidaire ?
logo-helpingb January, 26th 2015
Horyou: What humanity can do for you and what we can do for humanity
logo-huffpost January, 20th 2015
Horyou TV: Can Social Good Videos Go Viral?
logo-startupticker December, 27th 2014
Horyou launches its Social Web TV
logo-tribune November, 27th 2014
Les jeunes se détournent de plus en plus de Facebook
logo-abc November, 25th 2014
Red social para ONG desembarca en Paraguay
logo-cameroonweb November, 24th 2014
Horyou praised for massive involvement in first edition of SIGEF
logo-blog-revista October, 1st 2014
Conexão para a Sociedade
logo-nunnovation October, 25th 2014
Horyou Sucessfully Launches the Social Innovation & Global Ethics Forum
logo-canal2 October, 23th 2014
Horyou, le réseau social
logo-Red-Innova October, 14th 2014
Innovación Social y Ética Global: ya llega SIGEF 2014
logo-237 October 2014
Horyou est un réseau social pour l’action solidaire
logo-wazabuzz September, 2nd 2014
Quand le digital devient solidaire avec Horyou
logo-lemanbleu September, 3rd 2014
Horyou, le réseau social des ONG
logo-socialetic August, 21st 2014
Nueva red social Horyou: Prepárate a Soñar, Inspirar y Actuar
logo-ecopreneurist August, 12th 2014
Action-Oriented Social Network for Social Good Seeks Social Entrepreneurs
logo-vanksen August, 4th 2014
Horyou, le réseau social humaniste. Le digital côté solidarité
logo-bilan July, 29th 2014
Horyou, le Réseau Social de l’humanitaire lance un forum à Genève
logo-igihe July, 25th 2014
Horyou, urubuga ruhuza abagamije kuzamura imibereho y’abantu
logo-stephanie July, 18th 2014
Yonathan Parienti: “Horyou permet un mieux vivre ensemble”
logo-onefm July, 16th 2014
Horyou le réseau social des associations
logo-gimmesocialweb July, 16th 2014
Yonathan Parienti, CEO de Horyou
logo-nvvision July, 10th 2014
Horyou est un réseau social pour l’action solidaire
logo-agefi July, 7th 2014
Horyou: projection d'”Histoire de vie” à Genève
logo-harperz July, 7th 2014
Horyou, le 1er réseau social humanitaire
logo-CBNews July 2014
Horyou rêve d’un autre web
logo-mosaiques July 2014
Horyou permet un mieux vivre ensemble
logo-digipedia June, 26th 2014
Horyou, reteaua de socializare a binelui
logo-hormiga June, 26th 2014
Conoce a Horyou la red social con sentido SOCIAL
logo-ecofin June, 20th 2014
Un réseau social pour la solidarité internationale
logo-yoda June, 18th 2014
“Reteaua sociala a binelui” are tot mai multi adepti. Ce este Horyou
logo-leTemps June, 12th 2014
Le Facebook des ONG s’appelle “Horyou”
logo-RTS May, 23th 2014
Le projet Horyou
logo-yaounde-info May, 15th 2014
Cameroun: Internet: Voici Horyou, le nouveau réseau social qui soutient des acteurs de la solidarite
logo-safesi May, 12th 2014
Horyou: druzabno omrezje, ki spodbuga dejavnost in skupno dobro
logo-mybigGeneva May, 14th 2014
Qui es-tu?
logo-courleux May, 6th 2014
The action oriented social network for the social good… interview with the CEO
logo-radioEthic April, 29th 2014
logo-ITR April, 22th 2014
Internet: I have a dream…
logo-TalentiranSi April, 18th 2014
Horyou novo globalno socialno omrezje v Sloveniji
logo-vecer April, 17th 2014
Horyou – novo socialno omrezje za skupno dobro
logo-GHI April, 15th 2014
Un réseau social éthique
logo-tribune-geneve April, 14th 2014
Horyou rassemble les acteurs de la solidarité
logo-ondacro January, 28th 2014
Nagidmy Màrquez nos presenta Horyou, une herramienta para conseguir nuestros objetivos
logo-buzzparadise January, 14th 2014
Un social network per il bene comune: Horyou
logo-agoravox January, 11th 2014
Horyou: il social network per il bene comune
logo-slarue December, 25th 2013
HORYOU, le nouveau réseau social annonce la sortie de sa version bêta publique