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Grilling La Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, is an annual music festival that takes place all over the world. Its 24th edition took place in Geneva June 19-21 for three days of enjoying great music, international food and meeting friends under the sun. From classical to electronic music, stages were set up all over the city. It is one of the best festivals in Geneva, and the city ensures that the event is held to the highest standard.

The laid-back celebration also offered an opportunity for non-profit organizations to raise funding for their causes. After a call for volunteers from Francisco Etchepareborda, vice president of children’s rights group Niños de Argentina, a pair of Horyou team members stepped up. Initially, the duo signed up for one day, but with the energetic atmosphere and fantastic people, they wound up spending the whole weekend with Niños de Argentina. Other NGO members of the Horyou community were present, such as One Action. Its director, Jan Isler, was working nonstop with his team at a nearby stand. One Action

The festival is a great opportunity for fundraising for the associations, and in the case of Niños de Argentina, it is one of two events that raises funding for its projects. The second is a barbecue for Argentina’s independence day on May 25. The funds are for humanitarian, cultural and community projects with the focus on disadvantaged children. The group supplies food, school supplies and clothes for the children, and promotes Swiss-Argentinean culture. Tomatoes

Thank you to the team of Niños de Argentina for the great experience and making our team members feel like part of the family.

Written by Noof Al-Shammary

Boy using computer

Science x Kickstarter Hackathon was held Feb. 28 and March 1 at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. The weekend was dedicated to collaboration among scientists, artists, designers and writers, and bringing those ideas to life. Kickstarter is a website to help fund creative projects through pledges and donations.

At this particular event, there were 16 projects that people could sign up for to help support a team in need. On Saturday, all 16 teams presented their projects:

Horyou found it interesting to learn about the projects and how dedicated the team members are to their success. With the help of Kickstarter and participants of this event, we hope to see these projects flourish and gain the exposure they need. Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.12.00 PM “We’re delighted by the diversity of the projects that were selected for this event,” said Francois Grey, coordinator of the Citizen Cyberscience Centre. “There’s everything from artificial intelligence for sorting trash to laser cooling for detecting antimatter, and from studying the genetics of beer to GPS-enabled harnesses for rescue and mine-sniffing dogs. (Citizens Cyberscience Centre)”

Thank you to Francois Grey from CERN for inviting us to this fantastic event.


On the March 4, the Horyou team participated in the Entrepreneurship Week in one of the major universities in Lausanne, Switzerland. The HEC Lausanne, also known as the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne, is one of the major campuses in the city, with 13,000 students.


The Entrepreneurial Week gathered around 45 startup projects from students and professionals alike who were eager to showcase their ideas to a young and receptive public. It ranged from Internet startups to food-and-beverage startups and emphasized that innovation is at its best in the midst of a young, vibrant crowd.

The Horyou stand included two screens displaying documentaries and the platform. The team got the opportunity to speak to students and some professionals to introduce Horyou as a way to present their ideas to a large audience with similar interests in doing good in their community.





Les débats du développement durable

On Dec. 8th, the Horyou Team attended the 2014 edition of Le Monde debate about sustainable development. It was a great day where social entrepreneurs met and shared their projects and ideals behind them. We could not resist sharing some inspiring projects with you, projects that are creating new and sustainable alternatives for our societies, while following people’s dreams and values. Let’s start this journey through social entrepreneurship. Fasten your seatbelt!

First stop: food-wasting solution
We had the pleasure to meet Shéhrazade Schneider and Elodie Le Boucher, who have launched Simone Lemon project. What is it about? Very simple: A lot of fruits and veggies are thrown away for aesthetic reasons by mass distribution outlets – too small, not shiny enough, not round enough. Who cares, right? As long as it is tasty! This is exactly what brought these two social entrepreneurs together to launch Simone Lemon. The idea? Use non-marketed food products and make tasty dishes. And because food wasting does not concern only mass distribution, they wanted to go further with a concept whose success has already been proved in many countries: offer a unique price for 100g of food, whatever the dish is, so people can choose the amount of food they need. Their restaurant should open its doors in Paris in May. We really look forward to it!

Second stop: science-oriented social good
“Not everybody can be a social entrepreneur, but everybody can be an actor.” These are the words of Sarah Mariotte, co-director at Ashoka France/Belgium/Switzerland. Project SOScience! surely agrees with this statement. There are so many ways to do social good and positively bring our societies toward more sustainability and solidarity. And we were very happy to meet co-founder Mélanie Marcel, who explained the purpose of this project. SoScience! is a pioneering startup company, specializing in responsible research, bringing together social entrepreneurs and scientists to tackle today’s social and environmental challenges. SOScience! provides responsible research services to social entrepreneurs and companies, promoting a tighter collaboration between different actors of social change. Science as a means to social good is a big challenge, as science and research laboratories are often criticized for their short-term, profit-oriented strategy.
Les débats du développement durable

Third stop: Let’s re-enchant the world!
There are so many projects that are shaping a new and sustainable world. And this debate gave us the opportunity to have a glimpse at this amazing social good blast happening everywhere. This is the kind of glimpse that gives you energy, optimism and inspiration. That is exactly why co-founder of the Colibri movement Cyril Dion and French actress Mélanie Laurent decided to bring light to social good projects happening in nine European countries and made a film out of it called “Demain” (Tomorrow). We had the chance to discover the trailer of the movie with the attendance of Dion himself and we really wanted to share this with you!

What else is there to say? Nothing but Dream, Inspire and Act.

To find out more projects featured during the 2014 Le Monde debate, click here

By Lucas Bullens

It was a privilege for Horyou to be invited to the fourth edition of the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland. With a staggering 22,000 attendees this year, it is the largest technology conference in Europe.

10644476_10152956658767089_2464394357547854563_o (1)

A total of 11 Horyou team members participated at the summit – seven from Geneva and four from Paris. Everyone woke up bright and early the first day to start setting up a stand at the event. The stands were quite small and intimate, and we had numerous other startups for neighbors.



We were located in the area called The Village, where the Center Stage was located. The rooms were constantly filled with a sea of people, and the Horyou stand got quite a bit of attention (handing out Swiss chocolate being one of our many weapons for attracting people). During the course of the day, the rest of the Horyou team members arrived at the summit, and after a busy day at the stand, we finally packed up and journeyed back to our respective apartments to rest before heading out to dinner. Afterwards, we went to the Night Summit, a kind of pub crawl, which was organized by the Web Summit. People enjoyed the Irish nightlife experience and continued their networking in a more casual setting.


The second day of the Web Summit, we were able to network, discover and really take in this incredible experience. Our media team was lucky to meet and interview the legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, who was promoting his foundation at the summit. After this special encounter, the media team continued conducting interviews around the venue. Before all heading out after another exhausting day, some of the boys fed their “need for speed” by trying out prototype electric motorcycles. It was a great day!


The final day, we all arrived motivated to finish off the summit off with a bang. We continued exploring, meeting new people and networking, while the media team managed to get hold of John Sculley, the ex-CEO of Apple, for an interview.



Just after lunch, the entire team took part in an epic flyer distribution session. We were positioned next the area of the venue called The Town, which was a prime location in terms of visibility. Once we were done with our session, we were rewarded with a front-row seat to a group of shepherds failing at gathering a flock of multicolored sheep. Having not eaten lunch ourselves, we hurried to the Food Summit to grab whatever food was left there.



The grand finale was the arrival of Bono. The Center Stage hall was packed. Bono, together with Eric Wahlforss (founder of SoundCloud), sat for a talk on the Center Stage. Afterwards, we gathered the remaining team members and headed to the Food Summit for a closing dinner party. Premium traditional Irish food and drinks were served. The Irish folk music gave everyone an irresistible urge to dance. And the presence of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny seemed to make people shout out: “Free Water!”



With full stomachs, we all headed back to our apartments. But the night was not over. Some of us met up at a club called Opium, where the closing party was held. The following day, the team went their separate ways and flew back home.

All in all, the Web Summit was a wonderful and eye-opening experience. It showed us the magnitude of the tech scene. !

See you next year!


By Vincent Magnenat

Organizing a forum usually means a chain of plenaries, workshops, master classes and so on. Therefore, it’s mandatory to set moments for participants to have an occasion to exchange in another dynamic – a more human one, let’s say.

In that perspective and in the line of its goal, the Horyou Foundation hosted an event in one of the more active area of Geneva: the Paquis’ Place de la Navigation. This extension of SIGEF spirit aimed to combine local and non-local to create a unique moment of sharing with free food and music. The music collaboration was made with world Wide connects, an international NGO based in Geneva that produces hip-hop-related music in a independent way. The food was provided by the local restaurants, with some of their cultural specialities, and by the Horyou Foundation, with a great load of raclette. Raclette is one of the national plates in Switzerland: melted mountain cheese on boiled potatoes. Try it whenever you can!

Speakers, neighbors of the area and members of NGOs both old and young mixed in a very warm and positive atmosphere.

The first night, Oct. 22nd, wWc drived an open-mic night where absolutely every category of people present took an active part. We especially enjoyed the massive flow of Chad Harper, representing NYC’s NGO Hip Hop Saves Lives, among others.

On the second night, the stage had a more structured program. First there was some spoken word accompagnied by a piano. Then the members of Danseurs Citoyens from Tunisia presented their vision of freedom of speech – quite conceptual and voluntary show. Half an hour later, the NGO Poussière d’Etoiles showcased its zumba performance, galvanizing the audience with this as a popular and physical dance. A lot of people felt free enough to join the show! The conceptual striked again right after with a performance of butoh, a theatrical dance created in Japan in the ’50s. The audience joined in again (including the author). Finally, the international jazz/hip-hop band Cauliflower took the floor until the end of the amazing show.

Stay tuned, and let’s do this again at SIGEF 2015!

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