Mauren Brodbeck

Written By Amma Aburam

There is no better way to describe Mauren Brodbeck than as a bold, multifaceted artist. From paintings, collages and photography to acting and singing, there is no artistic avenue she has not explored and mastered. The Horyou team had the opportunity to attend one of her shows in Geneva last month. We caught up with her to ask about her creative process and how she lives to Dream, Act and Inspire.

Is being such a multifaceted artist a dream come true for you?

I have always loved music, visual art, drawings, collages, photography and cinema, so, yes, it is. I always loved these means of expression because they allow you to pick the “tool” that fits exactly what you want to express. The tool translates the theme. The idea for me is to be multisensational by creating a unique universe. Performing, as seen in my last exposition, represents the unified energy of music, visual art, drawing, collages, photography and cinema, reinforced by the presence of the public. The exchange of energy is palpable in a live performance, something you don’t get with paintings, for example.

It seems you are inspired by so many things. To you, what is inspiration at its best?

My ultimate inspiration is identity. Our rapport with the world around us, the contrast of our urban spaces in comparison to our physical beings, how as individuals we have created a mass culture. I’m also fascinated by identity through portraits, specifically adolescence as it a delicate time where we become ourselves or rather lose ourselves. My photos are an attempt to highlight the multiple faces of identity.

Original artwork by Mauren Brodbeck
Original artwork by Mauren Brodbeck

How do you transition from handcrafted art to performing?

There is a strong link between the two, but it is not always an obvious one. For my series Flowers, I took photos of flowers individually and created a mesh of colour palettes. In my performance, the link is found in the colours of the setting, the content and the songs that borrow elements from the initial work. Even though the link is not obvious, we find the same essence, and through song, for example, I can put words on a painting and describe exactly what it was meant to express.

You just joined Horyou, the Social Network for Social Good, which gathers citizens of the world. What does to Dream, Inspire and Act mean to you?

Horyou represents everything that I do, which is why I joined the platform. It is my way of thinking – sharing so that everyone who sees my work is inspired to dream and to act as well. Ultimately, through my work, I want to inspire people to act on their dreams – inspire them to push and go further, to dig and to take their dreams and live through them. I want to be a doorway for people to reach that level in themselves. What helped me is knowing that what I do is for others. The ultimate goal in life is to enjoy it, and if we really express that, it inspires others to do the same.

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