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Many have been asking us how Horyou is different from the other social networks. Fair enough. With multitudes of flourishing social networks out there, how does one separate the wheat from the chaff? Attend our screenings to find out in detail. But let’s start from the beginning!

Our media team made a first series of documentaries. They are short movies documenting the great work of some Organizations registered on Horyou. The team has met very charismatic figures and followed them on their missions in France, Cameroon and Morocco. Lucky them! These organizations are working in different fields such as social and professional rehabilitation, access to medical care, access to culture and education – and they are all doing amazing work.

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Since early July, our offices in Paris and Geneva have been organizing screenings to present these movies, introduce Horyou to the public and help these organizations gain broader visibility.

So far, we have held three events, with many more already in the pipeline. We welcomed journalists and bloggers, of course, but also Personalities and caring internet users interested in our action-oriented social network – all in a friendly atmosphere.

We have already received awesome feedback. We are so proud of our media team, which has succeeded in creating moving documentaries, providing us with a glimpse of life we would otherwise know nothing about, inspiring to act on their behalf. And many have confirmed that success. According to Christian Holl, the famous sounds hunter who attended one of the screenings: “These movies are Horyou’s DNA.” And we think he was right. They are the best way to understand what Horyou is.


What is the next step? Our media team will go to the United States to document more organizations and plan a screening in our New York office in the near future. Exciting, isn’t it?

And for those of you who did not see our documentaries yet, no worries! They will go public soon. You will be able to enjoy them on Horyou TV as well.

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