The Horyou Team spent a great day at the premises of Voix Libres on October 29th. Voix Libres is an international humanitarian association operating in Bolivia. It offers alternatives to child labor in mines, fields, garbage dumps and streets. Once trained and educated, the young people direct their own projects.

The team was involved in helping the organization with goods that arrived from Bolivia. With their hard work and remarkable involvement of volunteers from Bolivia, Switzerland, France and Belgium, 10,000 children are no longer sleeping hungry and 202 housing projects have been built or renovated. They also work on training young people and guiding them to take a different path, which ensures long-term development. The founder of Voix Libres, Marianne Sébastien, was one of the keynote speakers at the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2014).


The Horyou Team arrived in the morning and was welcomed with a breakfast by the organization. Voix Libres’ staff and volunteers entertained the crowd with songs. During the fun and entertainment, some trucks arrived with boxes filled with quinoa, scarfs, scented candles and a few small purses. The quinoa, which was grown from grain crop for its edible seeds, is stocked in their premises and eventually will be sold. The profits will be returned to the foundation.


The volunteers and the Horyou Team jumped into action and formed a long chain that stretched from the truck to a cave. The process was quite smooth and quick, as there were a good number of volunteers helping out. Once the trucks were unloaded, it went for a second trip to bring the remaining items. In the meantime, the team spent quality time with the staff and learned more about Voix Libres while a small part of the team was arranging and segregating candles that were to be put in a different truck. Once the trucks returned with more goods, the chain was formed again and they were all back in action moving boxes into the cave.

The lunch at Voix Libres included a big spread of delicious sandwiches, salads, fresh pizzas and desserts. After the meal, the volunteers swung back into action by forming the chain, and all the boxes were unloaded and delivered to the cave while some were loaded back into the trucks to be delivered to another location. The volunteers who came from different parts of Geneva and the Horyou team enjoyed a fulfilling and productive day at Voix Libres by helping this organization for a good cause. At the end of the day, everyone returned with a smile on their face and promised to meet again to help Voix Libres for more enriching experiences.

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