This week in France, Social Good Week took place and was dedicated to the numerous and diverse digital-solution-driven initiatives that positively affect societies – a full week to discover the initiatives revolving social media and solidarity. And of course, Horyou, the Social Network for Social Good, was a part of it!

For this event, we organized, at our Parisian office, a screening of four documentaries featuring member Organizations of our social network from Cameroon, the United-States, Morocco and France to present to the public. Have you ever heard about the Green Bronx Machine and its urban farming project? Did you know about Sans_A and its work with “bringing visibility to homeless people” initiatives? Well, don’t worry! You can discover these great organizations online, on Horyou and Youtube.

We were happy to see that many people were in attendance. We were even happier to know that around 30 events were organized in France and more than 260 worldwide. These events highlighted the growing role of the digital world and promoted the celebration of social good. The next day, our team was invited to the French presidential palace, as a Social Good Week partner, to discuss the role of innovators, organizations and startup companies, interested in bringing social progress and sustainability to societies. Among them, American economist Jeremy Rifkin spoke about his view on the digital technology revolution. He stressed that it is creating a sharing economy where every citizen has the power to do good.

Palais de l'Elysée
]6 Palais de l’Elysée

We also had the pleasure to listen to a speech by Aaron Sherinian, VP of communications and public relations at the U.N. Foundation, one of our media partners for SIGEF 2014. He said: “Technology is a tool that will help people to do good on a daily basis, reshaping philanthropy and creating a new world of engagement.” Well said, Mr. Sherinian! We fully agree with you, and this is why Horyou strives to bring visibility to the citizens of the world who decide to act at the service of their community. Because, as Mr Sherinian said, “challenges are great, but opportunities are greater!” And speaking of opportunities, French President François Hollande officially announced the launch of an international summit dedicated to Social Good 2.0 (“web social et solidaire”). Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

And when we have a look at all the projects Horyou’s users are realizing, we are more convinced than ever that Horyou, as a facilitator, has an important role to play in this positive human evolution.

To know more about our screening event, check the article on the Social Good Week website (in French).

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