Horyou NYC Screening

The Horyou team in New York held a screening Wednesday showcasing three of HoryouTV-produced documentaries. This was the first official event held by the New York team and it was very successful. The featured documentaries were Green Bronx Machine, ASCOVIME and Hip Hop Saves Lives.

Lizette Ritz, co-founder of Green Bronx Machine, was at the screening and spoke a bit on their steps for the future. She mentioned that this year they will begin to incorporate juicing fruits and vegetables made by the students. Green Bronx Machine was recently announced as the winner of the 2015 TEDxManhattan Award, allowing the founder, Stephen Ritz, the opportunity to speak about his plans for the future of the organization. The Green Bronx Machine documentary can be viewed here!

Chad Harper, founder and CEO of Hip Hop Saves Lives, along with Johwell St-Cilien Vision, co-founder of Negus World, were also in attendance. They discussed the future of their organizations and how they have begun to work together at schools in the Bronx. In the coming months, Hip Hop Saves Lives and Negus World will have its own red carpet event for the students that participated in the program. Here is where students will get the opportunity to see what their classmates have created, both lyrically and on screen. You can watch the Hip Hop Saves Lives documentary here!

These are just three of the phenomenal organizations featured at the screening. Horyou New York looks forward to the next one on March 25! Horyou NYC

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