lara-king The Horyou Team sat down with Lara King during the Laugh Out Proud Project. Read on to find out what Dream, Inspire & Act mean to her.

Interview conducted by Sarah Lemaire for Horyou’s blog

Lara, what does “To Dream” mean to you? What are some of your Dreams?

To Dream is to fantasize and to create a world from your own imagination — a world you don’t actually live in. This can be a world that you will never visit, like when you are dreaming at night. Dreaming is a way to escape, to create, to open yourself up to possibilities and to allow these possibilities to manifest. There are other kinds of dreams too — dreams where a dolphin wears dungarees and rides on a rainbow-striped bicycle and orders a margarita from a silverback gorilla dressed as Elvis Presley! Yes, they can be weird dreams, but still they tell us something!

On Horyou, Organizations, Global Citizens and Personalities come together to share ideas, build projects and inspire one another in solidarity. What does the phrase “To Inspire” mean for you? What inspires you? Who inspires you?

Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. I think that inspiration is when you take a dream and work to transform it into a reality. Inspiration can sometimes evoke action. While sometimes inspiration can occur from watching a sunset, watching a deaf person make music or hearing a father explain the ocean to his son for the first time. There is not always need for action; sometimes joy and respect can create inspiration. I am constantly inspired by nature — it’s colors, the way a flower is formed, the way the tide ebbs and flows, the way a tree creates fruit. The strength against adversity you characteristically see in nature inspires me within people too.

What does “To Act” mean for you? Can you tell us about a time you acted in solidarity?

“To Act” is the hardest part. Dreaming is easy. Inspiration comes readily. Those who act on their wishes find the satisfaction of success, while those who do not are left staring into space. For instance, two athletes are running in an important race and it is neck and neck. Both athletes are tired, but still they are giving their best effort. Then one athlete falls. As he tries to pick himself up, it is clear that he is injured and can hardly walk. The other athlete has the race to himself. He is so far ahead that he could walk to the finish line and still win. He looks over his shoulder at the injured athlete and turns back. He lifts him up and they limp to the finish line together. That athlete was more triumphant that day than he would have been if he had simply won the race.

Could you please write a message dedicated to Horyou Members?

Live well. Love freely. Laugh often. Dream big.

What is your best memory of this Comedy Tour for Equality of Rights in Belgrade and Croatia?

My best memory of the tour: swimming in the Adriatic Sea with a beautiful young French woman who yelled from out of nowhere: “I love my life!” That was wonderful.

Lara left our conversation with one last piece of advice: Humor will help you on the road to success by continuing to encourage you and to provide solace in times of failure. Thank you, Lara, for taking the time to speak with us! You are truly refreshing!

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