Crowd Photograph at IMD The G21 Swisstainability Forum, whose name is catchy play on words with a nod to the G20 group of nations, explored Swiss economic sustainability July 1-2 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The conference, which took place at the IMD International Business School, was packed with discussions, debates, presentations and labs focusing on the impact of sustainability on the Swiss market.

Many leaders in Swiss sustainability attended the conference. The first day, the conference focused on the theme “Change makers and new economic models,” with a lab on green business practices in Switzerland. Among the participants was Sofia De Meyer, CEO of Opaline Factory, whose mission is to change consumer habits through healthy fruit juices. Another lab focused on businesses that innovate within the production chain. One participant was Felix Stahli, co-founder of Impact Hub, which encourages collaboration for social change. The the lab was interactive, and the Horyou team was happy to participate, speak and share ideas with the group. The first day ended with a debate about the advantages and disadvantages of the capitalistic system but essentially the many solutions it can bring forward in the future.

The second day focused on the theme of visions for 2030, with talks about linking spirituality to economics as a new approach for finance to serve mankind. Yonathan Parienti Horyou CEO Yonathan Parienti addressed one audience about Horyou, the importance of collaboration, how to inspire positivity and solidarity, and bringing people together to connect for good. One session tackled the issue of measuring happiness in our current economy – is it wealth, lifestyle or spirituality, or maybe a combination? The day ended with awards in celebration of socially oriented businesses bearing true means of change for the future.

Group Photograph

Horyou was happy to meet many like-minded entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators from Switzerland. The conference was a truly insightful event exploring the efforts and progress being made toward creating a more sustainable economy in Switzerland and worldwide. It was a testimony that local action can eventually have a global impact.

Amma Aburam

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