Our team is present at the Cannes Festival 2014!

The Horyou Media Team is organizing interviews with Personalities from the Cinema World. Dream Inspire Act – What does this mean for Actors, Producers, Directors and the people from the amazing world of movies? Furthermore, what are the causes they care about? Yes, we are in Cannes finding the people from the Cinema who are leading the path to solidarity through actions. You will know soon since we are hosting these interviews at the Grand Hotel.

Here you can see JC and Cintia, Léon and, of course, the latest billboard for the Cannes Festival 2014. We are very excited to share our vision and platform during the festival, while at the same time we are looking forward to meeting incredible people from all over the world. The Action-oriented social network is here to tell the stories!

Keep you posted! Leon-Cintia JC-Cintia Palais photos credit: Xavier Leone

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