You may have noticed it already but the platform has changed a bit these last few days. A new version was released, called 1.24, here are the updates:

  • New homepage design: It’s the most noticeable new feature of this version, the homepage loads at much faster speeds and gives more information when introducing Horyou. And it’s now completely mobile friendly. Let us know what you think!


  • New Explore page design: Following your feedback, we decided to refresh the Explore page, which is by far the most frequented on the platform. The main feed is now centered and content is surrounded by blocks giving you updated news on what is happening on the platform. We don’t plan to stop there, we’re still opened to your suggestions!


  • New option for exclusive content: It is now possible for Personalities to post exclusive content that will stay exclusive forever (instead of a few weeks before). They can easily choose while posting.

  • Other updates: Our tech team also improved the general behavior of the platform (SEO, notifications, integration, stability…).

More to come soon!

Feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions or functionalities you’d like to see at

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