Hello there! The Horyou Team stayed busy the whole summer in order to deliver amazing new features to you. We’re very excited to introduce this new version and even more excited to introduce our first mobile app (very soon!).

  • New Header: It’s the most visible new feature of this version – a complete redesign of our header and our main menu. But it does not stop there; we added more visual improvements and features:
    • A progression bar that shows your current level and how far you are from the next one.
    • A dedicated icon for notifications. Please notice that in the meantime, they’ll still appear as private messages, but very soon this section will include new features and surprises!
    • Immediately check your unread messages and notifications thanks to a new scrolling menu.


  • New planification option: It is now possible to choose the exact time at which your news will be published. Here you are, master of time!

  • A new language will soon be available!: It’s been a lot of work and it’s now almost ready. The whole platform was translated into a new language. Can you guess which one? Come back in a few weeks for the answer! (And no, it’s not Klingon.)

Feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions or functionalities you’d like to see at support@horyou.com.

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