Hello there! A new version of Horyou is now online with brand-new functionalities. Here are our new updates:

  • Call to Actions: We have completely redesigned and improved our “Call to Actions” functionality. As you can see below, Organizations with Actions that need your support are now clearly visible on the Actions tab. By clicking on the green button, you’ll be able to endorse these Actions by reposting them to your own profile. It’s never been easier to interact with Organizations! You can also meet like-minded users by joining in on an Action. capture

  • Improved filter tool for Actions: We have also changed our filter tool so you can easily find and join great initiatives in your area. capture2

  • Explore and My Sphere new functionalities: We added two new functionalities to these pages. As you can see on the screenshots below, you can feature comments as well as users who have Lighted content by clicking on the corresponding icons. This is a great way to join a conversation and to connect!



Feel free to send us your feedback or suggestions at support@horyou.com.

See you soon – big announcements are on the way (Did someone say “mobile”?). 🙂

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