From India to Peru to Cameroon, Horyou brings together organizations, associations and foundations from every corner of the planet. Each of the unique organizations present on the Horyou platform touches upon every aspect of Horyou’s philosophy of taking action toward social good and a sustainable future. Many of the organizations and associations focus their actions on specific fields, such as education, health and environment. Others devote their efforts to development and cooperation, human rights and arts. Today, the Horyou platform includes more than 550 organizations, each sharing ideas and visions, and helping to shape and change the world.

Three inspiring organizations – from Morocco, Switzerland and Benin – truly highlight the diversity among those utilizing the Horyou platform. These organizations are committed to work in development and cooperation, arts and human rights.  

Aideco Tafraout (Morocco):

Aideco Tafraout has been present on the NGO scene for more than 10 years, taking action in the remote villages in the south of Morocco. This organization’s work focuses on assisting and encouraging local village populations to promote and develop sustainability in their hometowns. Aideco Tafraout works toward developing a network of solidarity for sustainable development adapted to the local population. Moreover, a particular focal point for the organization is improving the living conditions of women and girls in remote regions of Anbdour, Imintizght and Ammelen.

AssociationAidecoTafraout Toy delivery at Aideco Tafraout – photo credit: Aideco

Fondation Auer (Switzerland):

In 2009, two art collectors, M&M (Michel and Michèle Auer), created a foundation for photography in Geneva. In 40 years, they have built an amazing collection of more than 21,000 photo books, 500 cameras and an enormous collection of old and contemporary photographs. The foundation’s collections are housed in a modern grey cement building in Hermans. It is here that the Fondation Auer often organizes photo exhibitions and artist retrospectives, such as the upcoming Vernissage on Jan. 22. The man behind the scene is Sylvian Lehmann, who, along with an intern, runs much of the foundation. Horyou had the great pleasure of collaborating with the Fondation Auer for the Les Peuples du Monde photography exhibit held at the 2014 Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2014).

FondationAuer Michel and Michèle, Fondation Auer – photo credit: Tribune de Genève   

Aganer (Benin) :

The Aganer organization, situated in West Africa in the Republic of Benin, aspires to aid and take care of children whose social conditions are difficult and unacceptable due to their lakeside village locations. Aganer focuses on placing children from those lakeside villages in conventional schools to receive a minimal level of education, taking into account every child’s uniqueness and special needs. In addition, Aganer works to educate and raise awareness among the general population on the subject of children’s needs, thus changing the attitude of the public and strengthening accepance of the integration of the village children.    AssociationAGANER Ganvié, one of the lakeside villages in Benin – photo credit: Aganer

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