The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC Executive Secretary
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC Executive Secretary

The Conference of the Parties – COP – is getting more exposure by the year as the effects of man-induced climate change is becoming ever more evident. The Paris agreement last year, endorsed by all parties, was a clear call to all governments involved to quick action; COP 22, held this November in Marrakech, on the African continent, highlighted the parties’ commitment to the urgency of appropriate solutions and implementation of effective policies. In an international press conference, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon praised the High-Level plenaries’ work and expectations, as well as the resulting resolutions to act now to reduce the effects of global warming.

“Climate change is a reality; emissions continue to increase and time is running against us”, he urged. Recalling that 2015 was the hottest year ever registered in history, he warned that 2016 will probably be even hotter, based on the signs that can be seen in the Antarctic and Artic continents. “No country, no matter how powerful, is immune to climate change”, he added.

The UN Secretary General however expressed his strong belief that the international community can move forward in time, and that the discussions in Marrakesh, after the Paris agreement that came into force in a record time are a good indication of that hopeful outcome: “A global meeting around the climate that was once unthinkable is now unstoppable”.

Asked about the US President elect declarations questioning the Paris Agreements and his intention to repeal them, Mr Ban Ki-Moon said that the international community, including American corporations, states and cities, have understood the severity of the effects of climate change and are moving forward putting emissions reductions policies into place, no matter what. He believes that low carbon economy is the policy of the future, and relies on the US President elect reputation for being a talented businessman to understand the urge to invest in smart climate projects as profitable ventures. “There are market forces that are already acting. And there is no plan B”, he declared adamantly.

The UN Secretary General was confident and optimistic about the outcomes of COP22 – and mentioned the Kingdom of Morocco as a committed country to put policies into force, as well as a key player and one of the main investors in Africa in renewable energies. As for the message that he addressed to the global community, he vowed that leaders have moral and political responsibility and show that they are all united.

Written by Vivian Soares

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