Flagship report “UNDP and Climate Change: Scaling up Climate Action to Achieve the SDGs"
Flagship report “UNDP and Climate Change: Scaling up Climate Action to Achieve the SDGs”

A new UNDP document launched during the COP 22, in Marrakech, links climate action with sustainable development. The flagship report “UNDP and Climate Change: Scaling up Climate Action to Achieve the SDGs” is in its second edition and highlights local initiatives relating to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

“The report showcases how each of the actions taken to address climate change has profound and concrete results that benefit human, social and economic development”, said UN Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Assistant Administrator Magdy Martinez-Soliman. The UNDP document looks at efforts that empower communities in all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including education, healthcare, food security and women empowerment. By using country examples, the document illustrates with infographics and stories how the more than 800 UNDP programmes are contributing to achieve the 17 SDGs.

Examples abound: In Ecuador, the Zero Hunger initiative whereby farmers are increasing their water supply access by reviving traditional water control and combining small dams and dikes with modern reservoirs and irrigation techniques, is a fine one. Samoa, where youth and women are supported by educational programmes to start micro-enterprises in agro-businesses is another.

The UNDP impact reached more than 140 countries through access climate grant finance, providing a 2.8 USD billion portfolio. Almost 40% of the portfolio on adaptation efforts, while 22% are linked to forestation projects and mitigation actions for sustainable energy. 11% support issues like institutional strengthening, finance and capacity building, and nearly 11% help countries to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement.   “Thanks to the Paris Agreement, we now have a path for the world to work together on an integrated solution to climate change,” said Martinez-Soliman. “It is now our responsibility to work with our partners to follow this path and to help achieve climate and development priorities.”

The report reiterates the COP 22 message for the climate – the deal is done; the time to act is now.

Written by Vivian Soares

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