A holistic nutritionist and plant-based chef, Sarah Britton is the creative force behind the award-winning food blog My New Roots. Featuring original recipes that taste great, look beautiful and boast incredible health benefits, she has become an influencer to reckon with and gathered more than 370k followers on Instagram. Horyou blog is happy to interview Sarah and share her inspiration with its community!

Sarah Britton

How did My New Roots begin?

My New Roots began as a way for me to share what I had learned about wellness and healing through my Holistic Nutrition education, as I discovered so many things that I believed needed to be public information, not just for those who can go to school to study in this field. I wanted to set up a non-biased space for people to come and learn about how to take better care of themselves through diet and lifestyle, as I have seen immense changes in myself since making little, positive changes every day. Over the years my vegetarian, whole food recipes have inadvertently created a community of readers who are passionate about cooking. There are so many people out there who are hungering for direction and guidance in preparing nutritious food, and it is gratifying to know that I can play a small role in that. As emails from readers flow in every day praising the results of the raw cocoa brownies or sweet potato hummus they made at home, I am called to the cutting board to create yet another dish to satisfy those who want to take charge of their health and reclaim their kitchens. Their inspiration becomes mine, and the cycle continues.

What was the catalyst that turned you into a healthy foodie?

I lived in an experimental city in the high desert of Arizona for a year. There I worked on the organic farm, growing food for the community. That was the first time I experienced living in tune with the earth to such a degree and it was like I woke up for the first time. I ate what we grew, and gave up processed foods, which changed everything. I finally understood what it meant to feel healthy, alive, and vibrant.

Sarah cooks plant-based recipes

What is your food philosophy?
With every bite of food we take, we vote for the kind of body and the kind of world we want to inhabit. There is no doubt in my mind that eating a whole food, plant-based diet benefits both ourselves and the planet, more than any other way of eating.

Why are you so passionate about vegetarian plant-based food?
Eating a plant-based diet has changed the way I feel so dramatically for the better – I have more energy, clarity of mind, and most importantly, connection to the earth. There is also a noticeable peace and calm that comes with eating this way. The body is strong and mind is at ease.

What is the link between healthy and sustainably produced food?

Sustainable food production practices are in line with the earth’s best interests. And what’s good for the planet is also good for us. Chemicals pesticides, herbicides, fungicides harm the delicate balance of life, and are inevitably passed to us through what we eat, and everyone loses. I almost always check where food comes from, not necessarily how or who grew it, but I choose organic, biodynamic whenever possible, and will often pass on things that have traveled a long way to get me. Of course growing your own, or getting your food from someone local is the best, but we don’t all have that luxury!

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