Hello there! Summer isn’t only a time for holidays; we keep on improving Horyou and adding functionalities. Here are our latest updates:

  • Choose your own landing page: You can now decide on which page to land every time you connect on Horyou. To do so, go to “My dashboard” then click on “Customize my page” and go to the “Connection” tab (see below). Click on “Save” when done. You can choose between three different landing pages : Explore, My Sphere and Profile. landing_page_Horyou

  • New sharing options: You can now share your favorite content on Twitter, Google+ and by email in just one click. sharing_tool_horyou

  • More Lights for active Horyou members: The more active you are, the more Lights you’ll receive. Enjoy giving Lights to your favorite organizations and members. 🙂

Feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions or functionalities you’d like to see at support@horyou.com.

Hello there! A new version of Horyou is now online with brand-new functionalities. Here are our new updates:

  • Call to Actions: We have completely redesigned and improved our “Call to Actions” functionality. As you can see below, Organizations with Actions that need your support are now clearly visible on the Actions tab. By clicking on the green button, you’ll be able to endorse these Actions by reposting them to your own profile. It’s never been easier to interact with Organizations! You can also meet like-minded users by joining in on an Action. capture

  • Improved filter tool for Actions: We have also changed our filter tool so you can easily find and join great initiatives in your area. capture2

  • Explore and My Sphere new functionalities: We added two new functionalities to these pages. As you can see on the screenshots below, you can feature comments as well as users who have Lighted content by clicking on the corresponding icons. This is a great way to join a conversation and to connect!



Feel free to send us your feedback or suggestions at support@horyou.com.

See you soon – big announcements are on the way (Did someone say “mobile”?). 🙂

The invitation tool is our newly launched feature! This tool enables you to invite your friends and contacts to Horyou in just a few clicks. The invitation email contains an informative and easy-to-follow introduction to Horyou and a direct links for your contacts to join the platform. The best part of this new tool is that you can earn Lights once your friends and contacts join! Let us show you how:

  • First, access the invitation tool. invitation1

  • You can then manually add email addresses by typing them (green square). If you copy/paste address from a document (list, csv, spreadsheet …), make sure there is a space or a comma between each address. By default, we suggest a subject and an introduction text (red square) that explain Horyou and invite them to join. You also have the option to type your own text. It’s scientifically proven: By being creative and personalizing your content, more of your (super) friends will join you on the platform and you will gain more Lights! When ready, just click on “Send Invitation(s).” invitation2

  • If you prefer, you can also connect with your email provider (only Gmail and Yahoo are supported at this moment) to directly access your address book. To do so, enter your login details. At this point, your browser may block a popup window, so make sure you unlock it first. As you can see below, you can select all of your contacts or pick them individually. As mentioned, you can use our suggested text or personalize. Please note that we will never share your email address with external parties, and this invitation email will be sent only once to your contacts. When ready, just click on “Send Invitation(s)”.invitation3

Should you encounter any difficulty, please send us a message at support@horyou.com.

Hello there! A new version of Horyou is now online with brand-new functionalities. Here is the list of exciting new updates:

  • Invitations: Now you can easily invite your friends to join Horyou and (bonus!) receive extra Lights once they do. You’ll have the choice to use our automatic message or type your own. You can even connect directly with your email provider in order to choose contacts directly from your address book. Don’t worry – messages will be sent only once and only to contacts you choose. It’s super safe! invitations

  • Pictures in My Sphere: We’ve enhanced the way pictures are shown in My Sphere. Browsing your friends’ content has never looked so good. my_sphere

  • New registration interface: We’ve improved our registration process. Now it’s even easier than before, with no more popup windows. With the new invitation feature and improved registration interface, now is the perfect time to invite your friends to join! registration

Considering that Horyou is still in beta, we’d like to hear from you! Feel free to send us your feedback, any suggestions or functionality you’d like to see at support@horyou.com.

See you soon!

Hello there! A new version of Horyou is now online. You may not have noticed, but little changes have appeared and new functionalities are now available. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what changed:

  • Thumbnails You asked for it — it’s here! From now on, when you share a link within your post, a preview thumbnail will be automatically added. Adding multiple links? Delete the preview automatically added and then add the link you’d like to use as a preview. capt1

  • Whom do I follow? When you browse on My Sphere, you’ll know see a column on the right showing you the people you’ve chosen to follow. It’s also a quick way to see with whom you have exchanged Lights. capt2

  • A brand new way to filter content It’s a discreet little button, but it’ll soon become your best ally to find content you light on Horyou! The filter tool has been completely redesigned and is now more useful and richer than ever. Follow your curiosity and browse content from all over the world! capt3

  • Search engine improvement After receiving feedback from users using accent marks in their searches (hello, France 🙂 ), we’ve improved our search engine, which is now ready to give the best results for all your requests (oui oui!).

Horyou is still on beta, so we’d like to hear from you. Suggestions, functionality you’d like to see, questions … feel free to send us your feedback at support@horyou.com.

See you soon and enjoy!

By default, we show you content only in the language you selected when you registered. But chances are, you may understand or be interested in any of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic. We are proud to support diversity and universality; our platform is a living example. On Horyou, you will find users from 50 different nationalities. Therefore, we will show you how to fully enjoy and benefit from our multilingual platform. Ready to make new connections, exchange ideas, view and create Projects and Actions, and much more?

  • First of all, go to your dashboard. capture1

  • Click on “customize my page” capture2

  • Then select the language(s) of your preference (the ones you would like to see on the platform) and click on “add.” Don’t forget to click on “save” at the bottom of the page to keep your new settings. capture3

That’s it! You’ll now see more content, Actions and Projects posted on different languages from our Horyou community. Check your Explore page to start interacting with the new settings! As usual, if you have any questions about the platform, or you just like this post, feel free to send us a message at support@horyou.com.

See you soon! 🙂

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