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Each day we see the wonderful work of our Members, Personalities and Organizations on the Horyou platform. They are always Ready to Act! This week, we highlight the work and actions of great Organizations from Switzerland, Benin and Brazil.

Taking Astronomy to the World

Organization: GalileoMobile Location: Switzerland

The GalileoMobile is a non-profit organization. It is a science education initiative with the goal of bringing modern astronomy close to young people around the world. Created in 2009 with inspiration from the International Year of Astronomy 2009 it is currently run by astronomers, educators and science communicators. The initiative is six years old this year. This action post tells the story of its many inspiring achievements over the years, mainly in connecting people across South America. Discover this action post here.

By Amma Aburam

Action2 - L’Association Défis des Jeunes pour le Développement copy

Le Noel des enfants pour la paix

Organisation: L’Association Défis des Jeunes pour le Développement Lieu: Bénin

L’Association Défis des Jeunes pour le Développement a été créée dans le but de lutter contre la pauvreté et surtout de soutenir les jeunes dans l’accomplissement de leur devoir de pousser le Bénin vers l’avant. L’association répond aux besoins pour l’amélioration des conditions de vie dans l’économie, l’éducation, la culture, l’environnement et bien d’autres domaines. Leur action de cette semaine est en lien avec l’approche de la saison de Noël. Le Noël des enfants pour la paix en est sur sa cinquième Edition cette année. Le but de l’évènement est de créer un lieu de rencontre et d’animation pour les enfants et les jeunes qui n’ont pas la chance de fêter Noël comme ils le devraient. Découvrez et contribuez à cette action ici.

Par Amma Aburam

Action 3 Centro Social João da Costa -_copy

Reciclar e reutilizar são dois dos 5 R’s da Sustentabilidade

Organização: Centro Social João da Costa Localização: Brasil

O Centro Social João da Costa existe há mais de 40 anos no Brasil. A instituição busca favorecer a formação integral do indivíduo com o compromisso de garantir prioridades socioeducativas voltadas para a promoção dos direitos de cidadania às crianças, adolescentes, jovens e adultos da comunidade e adjacências. Uma das atividades do Centro Social Dom João Costa é a oficina de Puff, que tem o intuito de ajudar o meio ambiente, retirando da natureza seus agentes prejudiciais e ao mesmo tempo, levar alegria e conforto paras as famílias que utilizam o produto. Para saber mais clique aqui.

Por Edriana Oliveira Major


Version Française ici

Horyou is launching the website, a website dedicated to gathering testimonials from global citizens sharing their views on why it’s great to do good. The campaign supports the Social Good work promoted by the Horyou platform which has over one thousand non-profit organizations on the network sharing positivity everyday. The website presents 64 videos where citizens of the world in various cities answer the question: Why is it great to do good? The aim of the campaign is to inspire citizens of the world to support and spread positive actions. To encourage participation, a game has been established so that once the campaign has a global reach, a winner will be chosen to share $3000 for a personal social good project or action and a non-profit organisation or cause from the Horyou platform. Watch the promo video here !


Great Doing Good is a campaign to spread positivity and good actions. The idea is that there is a lot of different ways to make a positive impact in this world and everyone can do this through simple actions. The campaign supports the Social Good work promoted on the Horyou platform, where NGOs and members connect on a daily basis to share good news. The campaign takes this positivity beyond the platform and to the streets of different cities of the world by interviewing their citizens on the meaning of doing good. Ultimately, the game prize will serve to support the winner’s personal social good project(s) or action and an NGO of his/her choice so that concrete good actions can come from it.

Post_Facebook_2 copy


Anyone aged 18 and up can play. By visiting the website participants watch and Light their favorite videos. At any given moment there is a “winning video” amongst them. When the participant Lights the winning video, he/she automatically enters the draw to win $3,000. When the counter on the top left of the screen reaches 1 million Lights, a winner will be chosen from the draw and wins the $3,000. From the $3,000; 1,500 for a personal social good action and 1,500 dollars to donate to an NGO of their choice on the Horyou platform. Horyou platform members and organizations participate with their profiles and their existing Lights. If you are not yet a member of Horyou, you can participate using the five Horyou Lights available on the website. To obtain more Lights and be eligible for the global draw you will have to register to the Horyou Platform.

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Horyou is organizing a social media challenge in support of this campaign. The #GreatDoingGood challenge involves people sharing a good action on social media and challenging their friends to do the same. We invite everyone to participate through the Horyou App, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and show why it’s great to do good. Simply take a photo/video of a good action you witness or do, share it via the HoryouApp, Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook, challenge/tag two friends to have them post their own good actions and have them tag their friends to keep the challenge going. Finally, always include in your post #GreatDoingGood and the website

Example - good action (1)

You may have noticed it already but the platform has changed a bit these last few days. A new version was released, called 1.24, here are the updates:

  • New homepage design: It’s the most noticeable new feature of this version, the homepage loads at much faster speeds and gives more information when introducing Horyou. And it’s now completely mobile friendly. Let us know what you think!


  • New Explore page design: Following your feedback, we decided to refresh the Explore page, which is by far the most frequented on the platform. The main feed is now centered and content is surrounded by blocks giving you updated news on what is happening on the platform. We don’t plan to stop there, we’re still opened to your suggestions!


  • New option for exclusive content: It is now possible for Personalities to post exclusive content that will stay exclusive forever (instead of a few weeks before). They can easily choose while posting.

  • Other updates: Our tech team also improved the general behavior of the platform (SEO, notifications, integration, stability…).

More to come soon!

Feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions or functionalities you’d like to see at

Horyou is enriched by tons of new content every day and it may be a bit overwhelming to find what fits your interests. In order to sort them, you can use our search filter, available on the Explore, My Sphere and Ready to Act pages. Here’s how:

  • Let’s use My Sphere as an example. First, click on the filter button to expand it.

    Filter tool
    ]2 Filter tool

  • You can now choose parameters to fine-tune your search and the kind of content you want to see: Categories (double click on one to access the sublevel. Example: Lifestyle/Fashion)
    Location (can be either a country or a continent)
    Users (Members, Organizations or Personalities)
    Lightbox (You can choose to only show content created by members of your Lightbox)
    The content’s type (News, Actions, Projects)

    Filter tool
    ]3 Filter tool

Multiple combinations are possible; for example, you can choose to select only a category and a country, or a certain type of content and a continent, or just News. When ready, click on “Apply filters.” If you change your mind, you can reset your selection by clicking on “Reset Filters.”

Important: by default, your filtered search will be memorized on the Explore page. To reset your filter, you must expand the toolbar and click on “Reset Filters,” then on “Apply Filters”.

]4 Filter tool

Should you have any questions or suggestions for our next tip, feel free to reach us at

At Horyou, we encourage people to Dream, Inspire and Act. We believe that giving back to our users is essential, so we have created Live & Dream, a section dedicated to Horyou members that allows them to receive the benefits of their involvement within the Horyou community.

Live & Dream events are organized by Horyou. Each event is unique and could include: travel, concerts, conferences, meet & greets, etc. Our first event (registration now closed) is a 10-day journey to Brazil. Two of our Horyou Members will be selected and have the opportunity to travel and discover the Amazonian forest with explorer and Horyou Personality Christian Holl.

Now it is time to turn to our Live & Dream Paris event! Horyou Members can register to become a part of Live & Dream now! 
Every Live & Dream opportunity holds specific criteria in order to apply.

  • To enter our Live & Dream Paris, you have to click on the dedicated tab (see below) and then go to the current event. tip3-live-dream

  • Here you can see the conditions you must satisfy to enter the event. In this case, you need to have reached Level 5 and to have received at least 18 Lights. In the screenshot below, the user doesn’t meet these criteria. 
Check this post to learn how to increase your level.

  • When you become eligible, the button will turn from grey to yellow.


  • You’ll then just have to answer a few questions and click on “submit.”


Users are selected according to their answers and contacted directly by the Horyou team. Don’t forget to read our bimonthly newsletter to know everything about our latest Live & Dream events. As always, should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach us at

Hello there! The Horyou Team stayed busy the whole summer in order to deliver amazing new features to you. We’re very excited to introduce this new version and even more excited to introduce our first mobile app (very soon!).

  • New Header: It’s the most visible new feature of this version – a complete redesign of our header and our main menu. But it does not stop there; we added more visual improvements and features:
    • A progression bar that shows your current level and how far you are from the next one.
    • A dedicated icon for notifications. Please notice that in the meantime, they’ll still appear as private messages, but very soon this section will include new features and surprises!
    • Immediately check your unread messages and notifications thanks to a new scrolling menu.


  • New planification option: It is now possible to choose the exact time at which your news will be published. Here you are, master of time!

  • A new language will soon be available!: It’s been a lot of work and it’s now almost ready. The whole platform was translated into a new language. Can you guess which one? Come back in a few weeks for the answer! (And no, it’s not Klingon.)

Feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions or functionalities you’d like to see at

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