Horyou builds a new bridge to connect the Eastern and Western Worlds – English version after the Mandarin version!

Ni Hao! Horyou is now in Chinese
Ni Hao! Horyou is now in Chinese





与此同时,来自中国的成员将有机会获得第一枚支持经济包容度的全球社会货币 “Spotlight”的资助。成员可利用“Spotlight”完成创新项目和社会公益事业。此外,中国成员还将有机会参加由Horyou举办的旨在发展社会公益的全球性活动,如在戛纳电影节期间的“Horyou村 (https://www.horyouvillage.com) ”和一年一度的“社会创新与全球准则论坛(SIGEF)”。Horyou将于2016年11月份在摩洛哥马拉喀什举办第22届联合国气候变化大会官方场外活动:第三届社会创新与全球准则论坛。如果您有与Horyou价值观一致的项目,您可以通过登录活动官方网站(www.sigef2016.com)注册报名参加。




Horyou builds a new bridge to connect Eastern and Western Worlds

Thanks to the fast development of modern science and technology, the world is becoming a great stage which allows everyone to perform. Our global village, a border-free and time zone free space, give us access to real time information, scientific innovations and beautiful artwork once geographically restricted. 

Horyou aims to benefit global citizens using technology as an ally. Horyou summons artists, personalities, organizations and supporters of social good from all over the world in a network filled with positivity to support each other and develop together as a true global community.

Horyou highly values China and Chinese citizens’ role on the international stage. China, whose population constitutes about 20% of world’s overall population, will offer great contribution to social good with its creativity and positive spirit. Therefore, on the basis of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic, Horyou is proud to launch its platform in Chinese, the world’s most spoken language!

The beauty of diversity can only be shown through sharing. Now, Horyou welcomes China’s innovation, philanthropic endeavors, artwork and cultural values. If you are an artist, Horyou will give you a stage to showcase your creativity; if you represent an organization, Horyou will gather together people worldwide to support your cause ; if you are a personality who has greatly contributed to your field, Horyou will bring you higher global visibility; if you have a warm heart for humanity, Horyou will take you to a zero-hatred, full positivity network!

Chinese Horyou members have now the opportunity to be funded for their innovative projects and social causes through Spotlight, the first global social currency for economic inclusion, and to be at the global stage in events like Horyou Village in Cannes Festival and SIGEF, the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum. Organizations and members from China can also register their projects for the next SIGEF, which will happen during the COP22, next November, in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Horyou has paved the path, now it’s your turn to walk through it! We look forward to seeing you introduce the unique Chinese culture, philosophy, innovation and philanthropy acts through our platform, and at the same time we are honored to have the opportunity to take you deeper and closer to the world’s beautiful sides.

Horyou believes that, through positive interaction and daily acts, everyone of us can make the future more colorful with our very own brushes!

Written by Yue Wang

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