To governments, international institutions and the scientific community, Artificial Intelligence represents hope for sustainability and quality of life for all. The 3rd edition of the AI For Good Global Summit, a yearly event organized by the International Telecommunication Union’s, a UN agency, will be held in Geneva on 28-31 May to discuss the role of AI for Social Development and Social Good. Horyou blog spoke with the Head of the Strategic Engagement Division of ITU, Frederic Werner, about the expected outcome of this initiative.

AI for Good Summit will take place in Geneva from 28-31 May

How can AI help society to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

AI has enormous potential to help accelerate progress towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by capitalizing on the unprecedented quantities of data being now generated in all areas, including human health, education, commerce, communications, migration and much more. Leaders in AI and humanitarian action are convening on the neutral platform offered by the United Nations to work towards AI improving the quality and sustainability of life on our planet.

It’s the 3rd edition of the AI for Good Global Summit. What has changed since the first edition?

The 2017 summit marked the beginning of a global dialogue on the potential of AI to act as a force for good. The action-oriented 2018 summit gave rise to numerous ‘AI for Good’ projects, including an ‘AI for Health’ Focus Group, now led by ITU and the World Health Organization (WHO). The 2019 summit will continue to connect AI innovators with public and private-sector decision-makers, building collaboration to maximize the impact of ‘AI for Good’.

Could you mention some of the educational tools the Summit will offer to its participants?

The AI for Good Learning day will take place on Friday 31 May. It is made up of workshops, tutorials, and educational sessions through three full-fledged tracks targeting businesses, the public sector and youth. The participants will learn about the latest AI trends, use cases and solutions to major societal challenges.

Horyou is a media partner of AI for Good Global Summit.

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