Finding inspiration in worldwide social and environmental actions

Our platform has always aimed to share social good and get inspiration from all the amazing projects we discover around the world. Horyou blog team puts the spotlight on some engaging stories about environmental and social actions worldwide:

Ivory Coast is using plastic waste to build schools

A beautiful initiative that helps to tackle at once plastic pollution and the lack of schools. UNICEF was partners with this cost-effective project that should inspire other communities.

Tilos, the first energy efficient island in Greece

Through its wind farms and solar panels, this small community has become self-sufficient as well as able to start new clean energy projects, such as promoting electric vehicles and charging stations.

Housing first” policy addresses homelessness in Finland

Finland is the only country in Europe where homelessness in on the decline, thanks to this project that empowers dispossessed people by giving them social support and the chance to make a fresh start.

Innovation helps fight hunger in Jordan

Refugees at Za’atari camp in Jordan and a team of scientists from Sheffield in the UK are working together on finding a way to grow fresh food in old mattress foam.

Brazilian scientists reduce coronavirus diagnosis from 48h to 3h

University researchers discovered a new method to identify the presence of coronavirus in human bodies, thus helping to tackle the current global health emergency. (News in Portuguese),pesquisadores-brasileiros-reduzem-espera-por-diagnostico-de-coronavirus-de-48-para-3-horas,70003190651

Do you have any good news and social actions to share? The Horyou Community is waiting to hear from you!

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