The 2019 edition of the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) Annual Conference will be held in January to highlight the importance of Infrastructure & Resilience for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable Infrastructure is key for building a better future

It is known that scientists are amongst the fiercest fighters for the future of our planet – and, by consequence, the future of humanity. Year after year, the science community shows the world how important it is to build environmental policies and sustainable infrastructures to improve our chances to live in a safer world.

But what does sustainable infrastructure mean? A broad-based concept, it embarks “a continued commitment to work towards improving and enhancing built, natural, social and, more recently, cyber infrastructure”, says The NCSE, which is ringing in the new year with the NCSE 2019 Annual Conference by focusing on this fundamental theme. More than 700 scientists, educators, researchers, business leaders and policy-makers will gather in Washington, D.C, next January, to discuss the issue.

NCSE 2019

Along with focusing on these key areas, attendees will also explore the theme of resilience and the vital role it plays in promoting sustainability. Most commonly understood as the ability to withstand, adapt, and bounce back, the notion of resilience goes hand in hand with the definition of sustainable infrastructure.

The theme of this year’s conference is central to our lives and life experiences. From natural to social, built, and cyber infrastructure, the resilience and sustainability of our environment enables us to face and overcome some of our most pressing challenges worldwide.

The NCSE Annual Conference convenes scientists together with experts from the public and private sectors, business enterprises, government, universities and national and international organizations to address these challenges and consider the world today, and in the future. Sessions cover an array of topics such as coastal resiliency, environment and health, transportation, and energy.

Visit their website to review the sessions and read more about sessions and speakers.

The NCSE Annual Conference is a Horyou Media Partner.

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